Prashant Gopal

ICC “Five To Ten” DVD Mix Section

[youtube id=”U5OVP96suBE”] Mix Section from the 2014 ICC DVD “Five To Ten”. Featuring: Keven Salmon, Taro Saito, Phil “Cheesesteak”, Prashant Gopal, Chris Cadot,Greg Henry, Ruthless Aussie, Patrick K, Leland Nightingale, Tall Paul, Chase Davidson, Chijioke, Michael Baker, Adrian “E” Ellis and Enrique “Butta” Abarca.

Union Press 4: R.I.P.

The fourth and final issue of Union Press is finally complete and now available. Those that aren’t familiar, Union Press is a Canadian BMX newspaper with photos, profiles, stories, and drawings by Brad Hill and Prashant Gopal (myself). After a few hiccups with printing, we’ve finally finished our latest issue, which will also be the …

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