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Brad Hill Works – Sets III

Brad Hill painstakingly captures vivid scenes throughout Vancouver, and forms them into beautifully bound books for your viewing pleasure. Recently, Brad hosted a photo show featuring his third instalment of his ongoing street photography series, SETS. If you didn't happen to get down to Strange Fellows Brewing Co. while the...

Shawn Duffield Photography
IMG_9482 Shawn Duffield by Sarah Fox. Shawn Duffield's name has come up quite a bit lately on this site. We've posted videos he's filmed, random photos shot by him, and he even submitted a great shot for our Fall Photo contest. It was only after more closely examining his work and browsing his Flickr account that I wanted to ask him a few questions and give him a chance to showcase more of his photos. He's a hard working young talent from the west coast with a refreshing view of BMX and it comes through in his photos and videos. Click below for some more images from Shawn, a quick interview about his photography, and expect to see his name come up more and more with great work like this.
Dig Magazine: The 10 Most Influential BMX Photographers Of All Time

Dig Magazine have a really great ongoing article on their site this week where they profile the 10 most influential BMX photographers of all time. Every day they've put up a new photographer with a short interview or profile about them and their work, and so far they've reached number...

Mikaël Cardin Photography
photo by Sean Cooke Mikaël (or Mike) Cardin (pictured above) has only been shooting photos for a couple of years, but in that time has managed to develop a refreshingly unique style and approach to BMX photography. Every time I'd see a new photo of his pop up, I would be impressed with the simple composition and use of natural light. I'm not the only one, as he's even had his work incorporated in recent ads (seen here). This photographer profile is not meant to stir up the endless debate of film versus digital, but rather shine a light on a strong new talent. Click below to read some answers from Mike Cardin and check out a great selection of his recent photos.

David McCaig is a talented photographer and rider originally from the Ottawa area, and for the last number of years has been traveling the globe with both his cameras and bicycles in tow. From touring the coast of Australia, to working as a courier in Tasmania, to living in a...

Barker Brothers Photography
Barker Brothers Photography
BMX brothers are nothing new. Lots of brothers grow up riding together. Brothers that have a passion for both BMX and photography however is rare. Scott (left) and Trent (right) Barker both come from Southern Ontario, ride bikes, and shoot photos constantly. I asked them both a few questions about themselves, their work, and their favourite photos. Click below to see more.