Pawel Podgorny

Lafarge Night

[youtube id=”wZeHBvBz6Sw”] Lafarge is one of the few lit parks in the tri-cities of Vancouver,BC, it’s also home to a couple of Canadian shredders including Adam Piatek, Owen Dawson. The homies put together this edit of the Ferda boys killing Lafarge in two sessions. Enjoy.

Owen Dawson Moves

From one prodigy to another. Owen Dawson is back at it with some killer rail moves. Give the boys some love and hit play on this one! Filmed by Adam Piatek & Pawel Podgorny.

Ferda Mixtape

Vancouver’s contingent of (mostly) under 20 year old shredders come through with this great 7 minute mixtape. Riding from Adam Piatek, Owen Dawson, Pawel Podgorny, and a bunch more. Filming with cameras that are older than they’ve been riding, a nice blend of (mostly) street lines and park footage, a good soundtrack, and some creative …

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Adam Piatek by Pawel Podgorny

I feel very comfortable saying that Adam Piatek is one of Canada’s biggest up and comers right now. No filler in this one, just straight bangers, filmed and edited very well by Pawel Podgorny.