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15 Nov La Cribs Mixtape 2K18

With dedicated bike shops, plenty of street spots, and an indoor park, it’s no surprise the Montreal area has such a strong scene. This new La Cribs mixtape features 24 minutes of street and park moves from a wide range of characters: Alexandre Thérien, Pascal Lafontaine, Marc-André Bellemare, Joel Marchand, Maxime Trépanier, William Hamilton, Vincent Guay, Kevin Ouimet, Sébastien Babineau, Gab Pintal, Arnaud P.Paquin, Mémiche Caron, Maxime Chalifour, Alexandre Bessette, Alexandre Hébert, Maxime Gagnon, Phil Toupin, Mike Nault, Yannick Blanchet, Vlad Poloukhine and Jake Malligan.

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01 Dec Pascal Lafontaine and the Battle with Osteosarcoma Cancer – BMXUNION

Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 4.40.59 PM

Our homies at BMXUNION did this amazing Q&A with Montreal’s Pascal Lafontaine. In case the cold/ winter’s got you down, here’s some motivation, Pascal is a beast and is battling through osteosarcoma cancer/ chemo and the amputation of his leg. Pascal is still shredding despite everything he’s gone through in the past few months which really sheds some perspective. Much respect from everyone here at NE to Pascal!

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22 Jul Support: Pascal Lafontaine


A few years ago, shortly after moving from Montreal to Vancouver, I started hearing of Montreal’s “Crazy Frog” Pascal Lafontaine. Pascal was jumping off roofs, doing huge drops and just straight killing it, at a point where no one had really even heard of him before.

Flash forward to a few months ago, Pascal had dropped numerous memorable edits (here, here, here, here) and also a crazy Hunt section. Although he’d had a few injuries over the years, he was still filming and shredding on the reg.

On June 10th, 2015, Pascal had the misfortune of having his right foot amputated due to Ewing Sarcoma cancer. The obvious would be to state that things could always be worse… however, for a young man who clearly had his heart and soul in BMX, this hits hard. Pascal is currently adapting to the prosthetic and hoping to ride again down the road.

One of the greatest things about BMX is the support and community surrounding it. Although this is a very grim time for Pascal, please share in our wishing him the best and offering support/ strength during this hard time. We know you’ll shred again soon Pascal, stay strong brother!

Our friends at BMX union have a cool gallery with some pictures of Pascal’s last session before the surgery here


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“This is simple, the video include the footage I have been filmed in the summer of 2014 for a DVD part with ”The Mindfield” and it was supposed to be continued in 2015. Because of a cancer in my foot, I need to stop riding BMX. Most specifically, this is my last video. I really want to thanks and D-Structure shop for the help and all of my friends that I was riding with in the past years. Im gonna start to film more BMX stuff to stay in this sport that I like.

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31 Oct Pascal Lafontaine

Somebody get this kid a burger. Pascal Lafontaine is from a suburb outside of Montreal and has been shredding for the last little while. WARNING this edit may cause seizures, I guess there is such a thing as footage shaky enough to make steadycam footy look good. There’s some serious bangers in here though, check it out.

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