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19 Mar TBT – 39C Living Room Jam

With Ottawa’s Epic bike park grand opening this weekend, what better time to post this epic TBT of possibly one of the raddest BMX jams ever. The 39C dudes turned their living room into a mini ramp and lived it up while Chris Chitaroni captured the night.

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22 Jan Epic Bike Park Promo

Since early winter there has been rumblings of an indoor bike park in the works in Ottawa, ON. Social media brought that rumor to life and today we share the first edit/footage to come out of the new park. Along the way there some complaints about the ramps (more specifically the lack of rounded landing on the jump line) but in all honestly Ottawa has needed something like this for so long now that landings should be the least of anyone’s concern. Ottawa has longtime struggled with bike friendly outdoor parks, finally that struggle will come to an end. Epic bike park is scheduled to open at some point in February and looks like it should be a Joy to Ride.



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24 Apr Ottawa 2009 – Pool Season


Spring is finally here, and for many people across the country that also means pool season. This is your short window in the year to find, drain, clean, and ride a pool. Whenever I think of riding pools I think back to the spring of 2009 when I lived in Ottawa and a small group of dedicated friends (with Jeff Bedard leading the charge) were on a quest to ride as many pools as they could. This blue number in particular was one of the few missions I was lucky enough to tag along on. While we are talking about pools, go back and visit the Green Acres Pool Party video and story that Riley did last June.

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07 Dec Nick B – 2013

Ottawa’s Nick B. shredding the streets of Ottawa over the course of 2013. I guess Nick was dealing with some injuries over the year but you wouldn’t know it based on this footage.

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21 Jun Ottawa to North Carolina

Chris Chitaroni and a great crew from Ottawa all drove down to North Carolina to visit Canadian expat Roland Labreque, ride bikes and surf. The video came out amazing and aside from the typical hilarious buffoonery you would expect from Jeff Bedard, this video has some great helicopter shots. Who wants to go to the beach?

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30 Nov Landozine Barcelona Vacation Trailer

We posted about a trip to Barcelona that several riders from Ottawa and Sudbury made back in August, but Chris Chitaroni let me know what’s going on with all that footage he collected.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me what happened to the Barcelona footage, and after sifting through and organizing the nearly 100 gb of footage that was shot on the trip I’ve finally started editing it. It will be included in the ‘Landozine X’ DVD pack scheduled to be released sometime in February to commemorate ten years of Landozine videos. Here is the the trailer. It’s 2 minutes long, and I didn’t really even use any of the best clips. The full video is going to be gnarly.

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11 Aug Ottawa to Barcelona

Earlier in the year there were rumblings in Ottawa of a possible trip to Barcelona. Barcelona is obviously known as THE destination for an endless array of unbelievable spots and beautiful beaches, things that don’t immediately come to mind when you think of Ottawa. A few people had tentatively agreed, and as the summer crept closer, plans seemed to solidify, the fever swept the city, and the crew grew larger. Before long, it had ballooned in to a ten man Spanish holiday. Riders included Rich Redmond, Chris Chitaroni, (Crazy Fucking) Steve Moreau, Nick Stupich, Chris Bryan, Jay Leroux, Kyle Lafleur and Joe Delongchamp (Ace) from Sudbury, and ex-Ottawa residents Jeff Bedard and Marc Boudreau.

Rich Redmond sent me a variety of riding, partying, and tourist photos from the trip, and a point form account of his impression of Barcelona. Click below to check it all out.

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