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2015 Northern Embassy Stickers by Colton Ponto

2015 Northern Embassy stickers will be available in the coming days at BMX Gallery 4130 in Calgary, Atlantis in Vancouver and Joyride 150 in Markham, ON. Stop by one of these fine establishments for a couple stickers and show them some love! They are Rad! If you aren't anywhere near...

Northern Embassy Coast to Coast tee
NEW Northern Embassy Site/Layout

Hey guys, you may have already noticed some changes in the layout of the site over the last week. We can't thank Cory Beal enough for making this happen, the site is finally looking how we've wanted it to look since it's creation almost 4 years ago now. The biggest changes...

Northern Embassy X MacNeil Pivotal Seats Out Now
Northern Embassy X MacNeil Pivotal Seats Out Now

We teamed up with MacNeil Bikes to produce two limited edition Northern Embassy branded Fat Cap seats. These seats are a project we have been working on for a while now, and are excited to finally release them. One is a brown synthetic leather that will lighten and fade with...