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16 Jul KillingMyTime in Canada: Video

13 minutes of west coast goodness from a wide range of characters. Spoiler alert: There’s a footjam to candybar in here. That should be a good enough reason to watch.

“Aside from many epic road trips through North America over the past near 2 years, this is how I spent the rest of my time in Vancouver, Canada. Sadly, we left earlier than hoped due to [the] Corona[virus,] but still stoked to be able to piece this video together and to be able to get back to Australia safe. I am so grateful to of called this place home and to have made many new amazing friends for life. We will be back Vancouver.” – Adam Cox

Riders: Josh Zylstra, Nick Halisheff, Mitch Campbell, Spencer MacFarlane, Colton Ponto, Adam Cox, Jason Lea, Jason Petersen, Corey Walsh, Santiago Martinez, Blake Prins, and Beau Matthews.

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23 Dec Nick Halisheff/Riley Abramyk – ONE OF THEM

The second instalment of Them’s video trilogy “ONE OF THEM”. This time featuring Nick Halisheff ripping some transition, and Riley Abramyk with some smooth street lines. Tossing a few Isaac Barnes clips in for good measure too. All put together by Matt Perrin.

Part 3 with Ky Brisebois coming soon.

“ONE OF THEM Pt.2 featuring Nick Halisheff & Riley Abramyk, with guest clips from Isaac Barnes. Nick kills everything, but this part will give you a good look at his bowl roasting capabilities. Riley closes the section with all the steeze, lots of tech, smooth lines in this one. Riley makes everything look good, and a lot easier than it is!” – THEM

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22 Feb Jon Alden’s iPhone Footage

Jon sent through this awesome video of a bunch of clips of him and his homies that he had on his phone. That indoor ramp setup looks mad fun.

Featuring Brandon Van Dulken, Chay Nelson, Nathan Dowdle, Travis Kozie, Nick Halisheff, Greg D’amico, Trevor Angelucci, Darcy Peters, Roy Rojas, Carson Donovan, Jay Park, Sam Jepson, Brenden Giese, Richard Gallant, Quintin Baptiste, Matthew Walser, Jason Lange and Myself.

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24 Oct Nick Halisheff interview

Back in June we hit up Nick Halisheff to do an interview on NE and he’s been filming for an edit to go along side it ever since. Although the interview was done a while back and Nick now resides in Vancouver, have a read to get to know this Albertan born street shredder.

Name, age, where you’re living and where you’re from/born?
Ok dude! My names nick halisheff I’m currently living in Edmonton was born and raised their 18 years old

When and why did you first start riding bmx?
When I was about ten I’m pretty sure hahaha

Howd you get into it?
My mom bought me some Walmart bike when I was ten and I started doing wheelies and screwin around with it on the daily and since than that all I’ve wanted to do nothin beats the feeling of being on a bike everyday!

What’s your local park/ where did you grow up riding the most?
Local park would have to be kaskitayo in Edmonton and I grew up riding millennium skatepark.View Post

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