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30 Apr 420 Jams: Post ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

All stoner jokes aside, here are a couple edits from 420 jams that occurred just 10 days ago in different parts of the country. Above is a quick edit from a jam that happened in Edmonton, AB at the Callingwood Skatepark, filmed by Richard Harding and edited by Jared Chilko. Below is a video from the annual BMXFU 420 Jam, held in Niagara Falls, ON with a crazy roof drop at the end. Rastafarian colours and smoke clips abound.

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06 Nov BMXFU5 Guy Stuff Premiere Party

If you hadn’t heard about the BMXFU premiere for their FU5 DVD, titled Guy Stuff, then you must be living under a rock, on the moon, with your fingers in your ears. As kings of promotion, they hyped up the events of their premiere non-stop, plastering banners and info all over the internet. With promises of an upscale venue, Paul Hoerdt comedy routine, and a dubstep DJ, I thought it would be an interesting change from the regular video premiere routine. I hadn’t been to Niagara Falls since I was a kid, so we (Harley Hasket, Trent Barker, Carl Arnett, Leland Nightingale and myself) decided to venture down for the event. Click below to check out photos from our time at the BMXFU5 premiere party.

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