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08 Jan TBT – Mike Fiz

Montreal OG, whiskey appreciator/connoisseur, glass cutting expert and music fanatic, Mike Fiz has had some issues with a bad break on his wrist the last couple of years but continues to lurk in the shadows of Montreal’s streets and alleys. This edit goes back 4 years to December 2011 but is really a testament to Mike Fiz’s riding and spot selection, filmed and edited by Pierre Gauthier.

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18 Dec Montreal

Some older Montreal footy (2011) featuring the mtl guys you can never see enough footage of, Mike Cardin, Corey Dewey and Mike Fiz. Filmed and Edited by Pierre Gauthier.

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07 Mar Presence Spring Throwback

I’ve always been a big fan of seeing winter as downtime, basically a reason to keep me really stoked to ride outside all spring, summer and fall. The best way to get through the long winter is to keep busy with other projects, whether it be hockey, snowboarding or riding indoors. During the good old Presence days, in the heart of winter, during likely one of my favorite winters, I decided to film a few different edits to have some what of a series drop as soon as spring hit. With an awesome group of friends and the amazing UAB indoor park, it was an amazing winter. You’ll notice some footage of a very young Dillon Lloyd, Another fun fact about this edit is that the taz edit was actually filmed in the first weeks of the Taz being opened.

K.Will came to Montreal for a week and proceeded to shred UAB. I’m pretty sure there’s only a few people out there who have ever done a disaster barspin to barspin out and Kevin did them as good as anyone out there. “What else do you want?”

Dillon in his early stages of Diller. Dewey and Greg killing it as usual

Filmed in the first 2 spring sessions of the year (as you can still see a bunch of snow on the ground). A lot of these clips are pretty chill, but is there anything better than riding outside after the long winter hibernation?

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17 Sep Mike Fiz’ Expocycle Disposable

“Last weekend was a very important weekend in Toronto. Spotlights were out and the media was present to record the every move of whatever celebrities were in town. I mean there was some big names walking around the GTA! Now that I know I probably have your attention, and you think I’ll have the inside scoop on who’s dating who and what not, but no. I’m not talking about the Toronto Film Festival….. I’m talking about Expocycle. I mean the USA has Interbike, where a bunch of dudes get drunk and talk business in the middle of the desert. But in Canada we have Expocycle, where industry dudes talk business and get drunk. But I mean it’s in Montreal, right! Sorry bud, this year it was in Toronto. Sounds like a bunch of can’t handlers to me! Anyways lets cut to the chase, while Will Smith and Snoop Doggy Lion (whatever he calls himself) were roaming the streets being followed by swarms of paparazzi, I had my 27 shot disposable camera documenting what was to become Dillon Lloyd’s school of John Doe Heavy Hitting weekend!
Here are some of these snaps!”
Mike Fiz

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15 Sep Random Photo: Mike Fiz and Ian Morris

Last weekend most of us who are involved with this site were busy with the Expocycle Tradeshow in Toronto, Canada’s bicycle industry tradeshow for brands, distributors, and shops. The tall drink of water that is Mike Fiz was on hand, along with United‘s Ian Morris and they made quick to rectify their differences in height. Check back soon for a photo feature from Mike capturing the madness that was last weekend.

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24 Jun Throwback Edit: Mike Fiz

This is probably the newest throwback edit we’ve ever posted up but our homie in Montreal, Mike Fiz had some rough luck this weekend and broke his arm so we’re sending him good vibes from across the country. Heal up soon buddy.

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05 Mar Mike Fiz Audio Pop Off – Spring Fling

This is an awesome way to start the week, Mike Fiz’s Audio Pop Off is back!

“Sorry for the lack of music people, but my brain has been on hiatus for quite some time. I guess I had some sort of ADD when it came time to get these mixes together. I could never quite come to something I was down with. Anyways, I worked this whole mix around the remixed Charli XCX and Asap Rocky tracks. I was on the subway this week and found that these two tracks needed to be put together in one way or another. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and it really sums up what I’ve been in to lately. I use to be an indie rock purist at heart, but more and more I’ve opened up my musical realm and lately I’ve been mostly listening to old soul and gloomy dreamy tracks and albums form all the sub-genres that bedroom bands are coming up with. Anyways I’ll stop the blah blah talk and let you enjoy this 38 minute gem. If any of you want a track listing track me down on Facebook and I’ll give it to you, just don’t want the internet police to be pissed at this bootleg mix….so here’s the link,  http://www.mediafire.com/?9ncvzpojhd3fmbx. Enjoy!!”
– Mike Fiz
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27 Nov Big-O Update

Mike Fiz hooked up this dope article and this one of the infamous Montreal Big-O being relocated. It’s pretty amazing that $63,000 is being spent to relocate the legendary Canadian fullpipe/mini. A ton of respect goes to the Saputo family for respecting this spot and it’s history enough to keep it alive.

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10 Mar Montreal 2010

Here’s an edit I put together with footage I collected over the course of 2010. I did a lot of travelling and filmed for some other projects but this is all the footage I had that didn’t have a home, but I certainly wouldn’t consider it “scrap”.

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