Chijioke Okafo 2021 Video

[arve url=”” /] Our resident website designer and all-around good guy Chijioke Okafo has a work ethic that is rivaled only by Mariah Carey’s during the holidays. The dude isn’t afraid to push himself, and some of the crazy (nbd?) combos in this video are proof of that.

Eli and Joel Go Biking

Eli Taylor and Joel Fortin went biking recently and filmed this lil piece for Merritt. Theres all kinds of gold in this one, including Eli’s bike. Filmed By: Joel, Eli, & ¬†Masoi Edited By: Joel Fortin

Merritt Prize Pack winner – Josh Gagnon

Josh Gagnon had an interesting mix of banging clips, computer theme and solid filming/editing, which earned him the Merritt prize pack (2x option tires, p1 pedals, charlie grips and a Merritt tee). Congrats dude! Huge thanks to Merritt for sponsoring this contest and Canadian BMX.