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Montreal Throwback Pics
dewey whip1 I've been sitting on these pics for literally forever. Likely a decade old, alot of these pictures represent some of the early MTL BMX scene and include some pretty amazing dudes including Corey Dewey above, with 2 pegs, a brake doing a whip. There's a few UAB pics in here too for all of us who were fortunate enough to ride at some point.
How Good Is Max Vincent?
How Good Is Max Vincent?

This past weekend I was in a car driving around Montreal when the topic of how good Max Vincent was/is came up. This Federal video from around four years ago is only a short snippet of that, and certainly not comprehensive by any means, but gives a good indication to...

Congratulations Max Vincent!

Congratulations to our friend and Quebec BMX legend Max Vincent for recently tying the not and getting married. We hope every day is a picnic in the park for you two....

New Max Vincent footage
New Max Vincent footage It's been a while since we've seen any new footage from one of Montreal's finest, Max Vincent. The wait was worth it, check out the above edit for proof, put together by Ben Kaufmann. ...