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28 Aug Matt Perrin: Winnipeg to Montreal

Earlier this year in the spring Matt Perrin took a ride on a Greyhound bus from Winnipeg to Montreal. Anyone who has ever ridden the bus any distance in this country knows it’s not an easy ride, let alone for 1.5 days of constant travel. To coincide with this new edit (filmed in Winnipeg, Montreal, Brandon, and Kenora) we asked Matt a few questions about both cities, and the good and the bad of traveling across country by bus. Check that out below.

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01 Mar Repset Teaser

New Repset teaser is dope as hell. Super well put together by Beal, including some funny Canadian quotes from that 70’s show and some really dope clips from Winnipeg locals including Matt Perrin, Carl Wood and Wayne Hartman. Wayne’s last few clips are ridiculous, god damn!

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28 Jan Wayne Hartman by Matt Perrin

Damnnn, Winnipeg bringing some heat in the dead of winter! Here’s some footy Matt had of Wayne Hartman shredding the Winnipeg warehouse from last winter, filmed and edited by Matt Perrin. Thanks for hooking this up homies!

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23 Jan Matt Perrin Embassy Edit

Matt Perrin put together this dope edit of himself and friends (Wayne Hartman & Shawn Franz) shredding Winnipeg and surroundings. Matt has an awesome style (almost a mix of David Grant/ Tom White) and takes shit to some bigger street “fire” spots making this edit a real good watch.

“I’ve been filming on and off for roughly the last two years and here is a taste of what I have filmed. My friends and I have filmed in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Minneapolis, St. Catharines. More Videos soon! ENJOY!”
– Matt Perrin

Big thanks to Matt for hooking this up, looking forward to more edits!

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30 Apr Winnipeg Trip by Braden Burym

A few Regina/Saskatoon, SK dudes made the trip to Winnipeg this past weekend and this is the result. Filmed by Braden Burym, featuring Jarek Mus, Colin Lang, Matt Perrin, Wayne Hartman and Steve Kowalsky. Spring is in the air, let the road trips begin.

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