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04 May Scene Zine by Matt Perrin

IMG_4410 Matt Perrin recently published his first issue of Scene Zine, a zine dedicated to the BMX scene in and around Winnipeg, MB. It's a great 32 page, black and white publication with a mix of interviews and photos that gives some insight in to what makes up their community. The Manitoba scene always appears to be a tight knit group, and this zine is evidence of that. Matt covers not only riders living in the core of Winnipeg, but also the surrounding smaller towns such as Morden, Brandon, Komenda, and more. You can find photos and interviews with Ian Peters, Shawn Hildebrandt, Colin Thiessen, Shawn Franz, and the crew behind Da Peg Show. People that know me know that I believe that printed matter matters, and it's great to see people continue to put time and energy towards making tangible projects like this to share with their friends. Matt hooked us up with a bunch of copies so we're going to pass them on to you. The first five people to email us at with their FULL mailing address will get a copy. This is only open to residents of Canada, and one copy per person. Check out some more photos of the zine's contents below, and try to be one of the first five people to send us an email! Read More
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Matt Perrin: Winnipeg to Montreal

28 Aug Matt Perrin: Winnipeg to Montreal

Earlier this year in the spring Matt Perrin took a ride on a Greyhound bus from Winnipeg to Montreal. Anyone who has ever ridden the bus any distance in this country knows it's not an easy ride, let alone for 1.5 days of constant travel. To coincide with this new edit (filmed in Winnipeg, Montreal, Brandon, and Kenora) we asked Matt a few questions about both cities, and the good and the bad of traveling across country by bus. Check that out below. Read More
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