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02 Sep Eli and Joel Go Biking

Eli Taylor and Joel Fortin went biking recently and filmed this lil piece for Merritt. Theres all kinds of gold in this one, including Eli’s bike.

Filmed By: Joel, Eli, &  Masoi

Edited By: Joel Fortin

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26 Apr POLEJAMS Canadian tribute

@Polejams made an impact on the social media BMX world almost instantly. There are some pleasures that come from riding a BMX which are hard to explain how truly great and simple they are, Pole jams are one of those things. The submission this account received is proof many riders share that opinion. We hit up Mason Gray, the man behind the account with a quick Q&A and he chose his personal favorite Canadian submissions in the gallery below.

When did you start the insta account and where did the idea/motivation come from to start it?

Uhhhh instagram say 87 weeks ago hahah, so almost two years now. I’ve always sorta just liked spots and me & my brother Owen thought it would be funny haha. No serious intentions behind it at the time

On average how many submissions of pictures was @polejams receiving daily or weekly?

Not sure if I could give an accurate number for that one, I have almost 4,000 saved to computer cause I got into the habit of saving every single submission that came through. There was a point where it was quite a few

How much time did you spend updating the insta account?

Not too much time, having to download photos & videos was about the most I did.

Without giving anything away, what are some rough ideas or projects you’ll be spending your time on moving forward?

If you follow my personal instagram, its not really any secret that photography & zines are a large interest of mine. I’ve always wanted to make my own zines and it’s been on my mind more & more over the past couple years. It’s not something 100% based around BMX because thats definitely not where all my interests are but I think some people within the community will hopefully still be able to appreciate it. There’s only so many jokes a guy can make about poles man, hahaha it was time to pull the plug and do something else. You can hit @badv3ntures on instagram if you’re interested.

What are your 5 or 10 favorite Canadian submissions from over the years (maybe we could post the full res and some descriptions/ write ups of why for each).

Gonna work on this one for you.

Is the polejam your favourite stunt?

Nah, def the cash-roll cause it has the coolest name. abubaca is funny too, who thought of that one??

How do feel about this web/ virtual content vs physical version

Well there’s always something to be said about making some tangible, definitely has a greater impact I think. Definitely true for print/art/videos. A physical copy of something will forever be more memorable than it’s digital counterpart in my eyes, when’s the last time you looked at a magazine online? or went back 10 weeks to find somebodies instagram photo? It all just get’s forgotten

Any words of wisdom for dudes, crews or anyone trying to make it on insta rather than the real world?

A: hahahah, uhhhhhh buy a dad hat & become a vegan?? I don’t know

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08 Mar Mason Gray Welcome to the Make BMX Crew

Dwok/Pole Jam’s/Dabventure’s Mason Gray finds time to shred in between being an all around bad ass/ BMX enthusiast and has earned himself a spot on the Make. Put together by none other than Jack Leonard, you know this is not your typical cookie cutter edit. Check back soon for a feature we’ve been cooking up with Mason for a couple weeks now.

Everywhere Always

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17 Feb Jack Leonard DWOK

Oh man. DWOK master mind, Jack Leonard, just dropped this tight as hell video filmed by Mason Gray and edited by himself. Starts off with some awesome, Odyssey commercial inspired animations that Jack created of himself riding, then moves into a minute of fresh cruising in a timeless style. If you have a head on your shoulders you’ll hit that play. Great watch, will watch again, so will you.

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12 Feb Uphill Work – The Buster Collective


Mason Gray does good things. Support good people and good things.

“A 52 page submission zine of film-photography documenting the rougher, more true-to-life side of BMX street-riding & the things one encounter’s while doing so from across the globe.

5.5′ x 8, printed on 80lb text paper.

Featuring the photographic work’s of the 26 talented individuals that follow;

Brad Hill CAN

Harley Haskett CAN

Zack Cooke USA

Agus Glauber ARG

Nick Jones USA

Ethan Wilson CAN

Tyrone Williams USA

Chase Davidson CAN

Orlando CAN

Michael Bowen USA

Mikey Almodovar USA

Mitchell Oudshoorn CAN

Brendan Mulrooney USA

Joe Williams GBR

Ryan Ogawa USA

BrothTarn GBR

Martin Balman GBR

Trent Barker CAN

Dennis Bunn USA

Kyle Dalton USA

Alex Burnside USA

Dan Banks GBR

Dan Didomenico AUS

Leonidas Germanopolous GRC

Jack Leonard CAN

Adrian Kolz DEN

Available at;


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07 Nov Setups – DWOK/Mason Gray


What’s the full DWOK camera setup?

I’m using the good old Sony Vx2100, got a mk1 Death Lens and a random light my brother Owen & Dad hooked up, thanks for dat guys. I have a old Minolta x-7a I use to shoot photos with, it hasn’t been touched in a minute though. Gonna try to get out more with that, film photos are tight. 

Why SD over HD?

Just has a classic feel, you can’t beat the warmth & colours that a VX brings. Ask any of the homies, I fucking love vx colours haha. HD can look good but I don’t ever wanna fuck with it, maybe second angles in 4:3 if I gotta but it’s just not my cup of tea. Charliecrum, Tommy Blanco & The 90east dudes make it look good though,  just to name a few off the top of my head. 

Who are the main DWOK filmers or does everyone spend time behind the lens?

We’re pretty lucky that we have 3 dudes who own cameras. Dallas Davis, myself & Jack Leonard all have an SD setup. Jack moved away to Oshawa so Dallas and I have been holding it down lately. Eli can definitely handle himself behind a camera too, which helps out a ton. Dallas also carries around his HD picture device and holds down the photos along with the homies Mitch Oud & Parker. 

What are you guys currently working on and when will it be dropping?

We’ve been steadily filming for a second full-length since the Mixtape dropped last spring, and we’re trying to make it something we’re all satisfied with. There isn’t really a due date for that yet, but we’re gonna have a pretty lengthy promo dropping sometime soon. 

Any new guys who really stepped up for this one?

Dallas Davis. Dude is stupid good, he can do everything he can do regular just as good as he can switch, and it’s usually first try. His footage in the promo is about to drop some fuckin’ jaws. 
Tyler Maass too, he’s been the homie forever. Eli & him lived together at the first DWOK house & he was a crazy good, sponsored Downhill Mountainbike racer at the time. One day we were all hanging out & his bike got stolen in true Houdini fashion, so Eli & some of the other dudes set up him with a BMX and he’s been doing the craziest shit ever since. He has so much drive to jump off crazy shit and go the speed of light at it, I seriously don’t get it. Moshi kills it. 

How many roofs did Eli climb this summer?

I honestly couldn’t give you a number, that boy has a death wish. I usually hate filming with Eli because it’s usually something fucked, with a high chance of him splatting on the pavement. He tried 14 times to do something on a setup you actually couldn’t pay me to straight ride off once. He took out 3 of our front wheels too in the process. His footage is gonna blow minds, Eli is seriously on another level. 

Any tips for up an coming filmers/pole jammers?  

Watch good videos to understand how good filming looks, and just get out with your homies and try it out, shitty filming is sometimes tight.   No advice for polejams though, just eat shit repeatedly until you figure it out hahah. 
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