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Curb Wizard

Mix the amazing scene of riders in Victoria,B C with the very talented Mark Karau and you get Curb Wizard. If you're interested in what's going on in Victoria BMX or planning a trip to the island, hit up Curb Wizard!...

Random Photo: Mark Karau

Can't get enough of Mark Karau's photographs sometimes. This scene should be familiar to most people. It's the long weekend, so load up a car with your bikes and your friends and go somewhere outside of your normal routine and enjoy yourselves....

Mark Karau Gorilla Jam pics

Mark Karau has a bunch of dope pictures up on his flickr from this past weekend's Gorilla Jam in Victoria. Check them out here....

Video Submissions: Gustav Ekelund/Kerr Bilsland
Video Submissions: Gustav Ekelund/Kerr Bilsland
It's been a while since our last submission post but the first 2 submissions of 2012 are damn good. Gustav and Kerr hooked up 2 sick edits filmed over the holidays, Gustav's in Vancouver and surroundings and Kerr's was filmed in Victoria.