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28 May TBT – Boudreau moves to Van

Last week a dear friend of NE, Marc Boudreau suffered an unfortunate work accident which left him in the hospital with broken verterbrae. Boudreau is known for his positive and make the best of any situation attitude so we know he will bounce back quickly. In the meantime please send him your healing vibes and enjoy this TBT edit of him and Jeff Bedard.

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12 Jul Canada Day Weekend

While a good amount of Canadian riders were filming for our Summer of Fun contest Canada Day long weekend, a few of us wanted to take a trip and also enjoy the long weekend. The original idea was to head to the Victoria but the weather there was looking sketchy, Vancouver weather was in full effect and it looked like everywhere besides the interior was guaranteed rain. We rode a bit on Friday evening in Coquitlam, made plans Saturday and headed towards the interior Sunday morning. We’ve started to receive edits for the Summer of Fun contest and we are very anxious to show you all of them but in the mean time here’s a little edit we threw together of our own Summer of Fun Canada Day long weekend. Featuring Jeff Evans, Jeff Bedard, Marc Boudreau and myself (Jeremy Deme) with guest appearance from Adam Piatek and his buddy.

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08 Jul Ottawa moves to Van

Marc Boudreau and Jeff Bedard moved to Vancouver last fall, after living in Ottawa for a few years. Marc was born in raised in Timmins, Ontario, he’s hard as fuck, Jeff grew up in Sudbury, Ontatio. Anyone who knows these two, knows they are characters. We gathered footage over a few months time and the idea of an edit came to be, obviously these two would want the edit to be different from your typical one… Alot of songs and ideas were in the air, here is the end result.

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