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20 Sep Chad Ferch 2019 MacNeil Video

Chad Ferch tears up the west coast streets in this new video for MacNeil BMX. This might take the cake for the most diverse music in a 4-minute BMX video. Onomatopoeia fans will rejoice at song #1. Onomatopoeia haters will be relieved once song #2 kicks in. Beep beep beep beep.

FILMING: Taylor Stos, Yannick Tysl, Ian Knopf, Kyle White, Regan Miller, Mitch Goodridge, Kent Fuller, Josh August, Madison Devito, Trevor Angelucci, Brandan Goodine
EDITING: Tristan Sweet

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16 Nov MacNeil 2019 Team Promo Video

Under new ownership, MacNeil BMX is starting a new chapter. There’s been a relaunch of the brand and some changes to the team. Take a look at this little promo to see some riding from their revised roster including Chad Ferch, Kent Fuller, Ky Brisebois, Chris Silva, and Braden Beck. We’ll be looking forward to seeing what’s next for one of Canada’s most legendary BMX companies.

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16 Jul Chris Silva – Half Full

Here’s part 2 of Chris Silva’s web video series Half Empty/Half Full. This time spending less time in backyard pools, and more time in the streets of Toronto doing what he does best!

Filmed by: Ruthless Aussie, Nariman, & Brian Christopher

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28 May Chris Silva – Half Empty

Spot lord Silva has done it again. At this point he has a sixth sense about spot location, and is probably riding your parents pool right now. Indoor pools, the finest cellar doors, and pegless X-up grinds can be expected here. Who’s house did he have to break into for that first spot? Look out for Part 2 coming soon titled “Half Full”.

Filmed By: Matt Colenbrander, Nariman, Chris Cadot, Ruthless Aussie, Ben Rinne, & Peter Dai

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16 Nov Chijioke Okafo – Gold splatter bike check

Chij’s newest build instantly caught our attention. A master of the splatter/ custom colorways, Chij outdid himself on his latest flat black/gold MacNeil/ Merritt build.

Frame – MacNeil Calico
Fork – MacNeil CKS
Headset – Merritt High Top
Stem- MacNeil Apex
Bars – Merritt Brad Simms 1up
Seat – Merritt SL1 black leather
Post – Merritt
Pedals – Merritt P1
Sprocket – Merritt Chris Childs
Cranks – MacNeil Connect
Hubs – Merritt Non stop front, Non Stop Cassette, with Merritt guards
Rims – MacNeil Dubs
Tires – Merritt Option & MacNeil Low Life
Pegs – MacNeil Black ice
Hoody – BMXFU chief rocker


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