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12 Jul Team Luxury – Know New Friends

Wowww what a great way to start the week! The Luxury dudes have just blessed the internet with their new full-length project “Know New Friends”. This video has been over two years in the making, with multiple trips taking the crew to Texas, Seattle, Vancouver, and back to their home base of Ontario. These dudes go IN, so hit play.

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08 Jul Team Luxury – Know New Friends Promo

Man, I can’t wait for this one! Guelph’s very own bmx all-star team, Luxury, has been working on their newest full-length “Know New Friends” for a minute now. Judging by their promo, it’s going to be heavy. Keep your eyes peeled on the site for the full video dropping soon.

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15 Feb MythTape Three

The third instalment of the Luxury boiz’ MythTape series. The dudes work their asses off on these videos and it always shows. Watch this now!

Featuring Jason Green, Parker Tremblay, Jeremy Kappert, Mike Tripp, Mike Depetrillo, Cole Ramseyer, Spencer Ryan, David Jasczur, Andrew Spria, Seth Newby, Logan Currie, Ethan Malik, Sebastian Morgenroth, Greg Henry, Matt Comeau, Chijioke Okafo, Spencer Macfarlane, Dean Hartley, Graeme Deroux, Mat Stiehl and Austin Karker.

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26 Jan MYTH TAPE 2

“The Luxury boys are back with Mythtape 2, a BMX street video sparked by 4 of the crew members running amuck in a blue short bus for a month. The boys miraculously survived the staggering levels of methane gas from their own ass trumpets in their mobile, steel, retard cage and filmed some bike stunts from Southern Ontario to California while they weren’t blowing lines of a switchblade in a dive bar shitter stall. When they met up with the rest of the crew back home they all reunited in a big triumphant flaming blaze of camcorders, alcohol, and kids bikes to produce this 19 minute long tape. Riders include: Austin Karker, Jason Green, Michael Tripp, Jeremy Kappert, The Boys, Parker Tremblay, and Mat Stiehl.
The Boys: Dean Hartley, Cole Ramseyer, Grimmis Deroux, Drew Labonte, Logan Currie, David Jaszczur, and Thomas More”

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28 Jun USA Tripin in LUXURY

May 14th, 2016:  Fresh across the border, none of us could believe me made it across, with no issues in an 1983 converted school bus with 4 BMX bikes on the back.

May 15th:  Lake Anita state park in Iowa, we set up and cooked some good food to fuel us for the long drive ahead of us the next day.

May 18th:  Denver Colorado, we met some awesome local dudes and the showed us some dope spots. Austin Karker was getting some good height on this rare natural half loop.

May 22nd:  Salt Lake City Utah, hit a small skate park up and it rained a bit but it ended up turning out ok and we got a couple clips in the streets.

May 23rd: Salt Lake City, On our way to Reno Nevada we seen this lake and had to stop. It was just amazing to see.

May 25th: San Francisco California, Rolling across the Golden Bridge, it felt really good to finally make it to California after a long drive and a couple problems with the bus.

May 26th: Mat Stiehl throwing the bars with a nice background before we rode up ever hilling San Francisco

May 29th: Los Angeles California, Austin Karker getting some air in a ditch we were cruising through.

June 1st: Los Angeles California, we all put some work in on this famous LA spot and end up with some good clips.

June 4th: Venice Beach California, some good times cruising around enjoying the beautiful weather and beautiful women.

June 5th: Long Beach California, last day in Cali Austin grabbed this 180 tree bonk over the rail before we made the journey to Las Vegas.

What an unbelievable experience this trip was with a bunch of great humans. 2 broken brake lines, 1 burnt out fuse, 1 burnt one head light, 1 broke wiper blade, 1 broken passenger seat, 4 liters of extra motor oil and one messed up radiator but the bus made it home and so did we, 10600km later.

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21 Mar Thomas More Joyride x Luxury video

The dude, Thomas, from the Team Luxury fam out of Guelph just dropped this tight video from a handful of days cruising the Joyride 150 street section, and it’s a definitely nice watch. I’ve always loved his style, line at 50 seconds is hella smooth.

Hit the team with a follow @weareteamluxury

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02 Feb Austin Karker – 2015

Austin Karker killed it at the NE X Joyride 150 invitational earning himself one of two Expert prizes and the chance to ride in pro. His 2015 street edit does not disappoint, a solid mix of tech and burly stuff! Shout out to the Luxury crew.

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23 Jan Team Luxury: Jeremy Kappert

The Guelph connect Team Luxury just came through with this tight one of Jeremy Kappert. Lots of dope tech lines in true Guelph fashion with some gnarly one hitters in the mix. Filmed by the man himself Mat Stiehl.

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