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26 Oct Gleamin QUit Dreaming – DVD Review


In a world of quantity over quality, Gleamin – Quit Dreaming is the exact opposite of all of that. It’s fair to say there hasn’t been a more anticipated BMX flick since Criminal Mischief and of course Deadline. The pressure built up as the months went on and GLMN was there, but nowhere at the same time. That being said, it does not disappoint. A true masterpiece, arguably the best Canadian BMX film ever made.

If you aren’t familiar with Luke Santucci, Luke grew up in Edmonton, AB riding with the likes of Jaumell Campbell, Jared Chilko, Mike Boag, K Will, Chaunch, Ren and more. The son of 5 time grey cup champion Angelo Santucci (find the reference in the dvd) would eventually move out of Edmonton to Vancouver, where he’s been living for the last 6-7 years. Luke is well known for his riding but has been somewhat underrated in his filming/ editing forever. Quit Dreaming shows how incredibly talented Luke is behind a camera and editing software, with seamless links from section to section, great soundtrack and great fish angles with his modded mk2 (nah son).

Doing a DVD review is never easy. There’s no real reason to explain the radness of this DVD but here’s a few reasons you should grab a copy:– It will make you want to go to Vancouver badly (or feel like you are already there for the duration of the video)
– This is a legit crew video, all of these guys are friends and chill/ride together on a regular basis and it shows
– Luke kills it at filming/editing
– Jaumell Campbell, Taylor Elvy, James Steele, Dave Scott, Andy Roode, Matt Desson, Brad Hill, Cory Beal, Ryan Hiebert, le Luke, Mike Boag, Jared Chilko, amongst a ton more have clips/ sections. All these guys are legends.
– Jordan Hango has last section and it’s typical Hango…
– Luke put years of time and effort into this, rather than taking the typical web route, we have a lifelong physical copy of a masterpiece in Canadian BMX history

This could drag on forever but essentially the underlying message is that you’ll be disappointed with yourself years from now if you don’t get a copy of this dvd. This film is 100% Canadian BMX at it’s finest. No Bullshit, just friends riding their city for all the right reasons. Take note kids, this is what it’s all about, QUIT DREAMING

Buy a copy or multiple copies here


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30 Dec DVD Review: Atlantis Vancouver “Battle of the Birds”

Screen shot 2015-12-30 at 11.58.57 AM
Atlantis Vancouver have had a busy year; from opening the brick and mortar, stacking the team, hosting jams/ TAIFs, a team trip to Victoria and now dropping a dvd: ‘Battle of the Birds‘.

Although he’s humble about it, Orlando is the man behind Atlantis and he’s the reason all of this has happened. If you also didn’t know, Orlando owns and operates The Make, in between holding the shop down 7 days a week and riding as much as possible. Orlando is truly making a difference in the Vancouver scene.

Battle of the Birds is a film which anyone who has ever rode street should enjoy. It is also a film which should motivate anyone who hasn’t rode Vancouver before to make the trip. The overall vibe of the film makes you feel as if you are out cruising with the sip city crew, but don’t be fooled, it’s not too mellow by any means. With guys like Hango, Carl, Greg Flag, Andrew Schubert, Matt Desson, Luke Santucci, in the mix, you know it’s banging.

Hango starts off and shuts the DVD down in typical Hango fashion. The expression “dude has no chill” likely started based on Hango riding a bike. Without spoiling it, Hango’s ender is something which I truthfully don’t know if anyone but Hango could do, and in casual Hango fashion. The world has needed more Greg Flag footage for some time now and Battle of the Birds comes through with a good amount. Greg makes everything look too easy in Greg fashion. Carl Arnett also has some insane high speed stuff and an eye for different stunts on new and old spots. There’s also a ton of other Vancouver shredders who really come through with some awesome clips (Jeff Evans, Dave Scott, Ryan Hiebert, Orlando, Brad Hill, Andy Roode and more). One of my personal favorite clips of the film is Dave Scott’s bar to manual downtown that is filmed flawlessly and really screams Vancouver.

Although Vancouver has been criticized for “blown out” spots over the years, “Battle of the Birds” proves that to be wrong with lots of new and old spots used in different ways. These guys are searching and finding.

The only negative aspect of this dvd that I can think of is the fact that it is limited to 200 copies. If you don’t have a copy yet, there’s a good chance there’s not many left to cop so don’t sleep on it!! Atlantis are selling the dvd for $0.01 (or free if you spend $19.99 in the web store), cop one here and grab a couple other items while your at it to support a dude who is truly making a difference for BMX in Vancouver/ Canada.

While waiting for the mail to arrive, re-watch Atlantis’ Lost City:

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27 Nov Atlantis Battle of the Birds DVD Hype

“The first Atlantis Vancouver DVD is done entitled “Battle of the Birds”


Jordan Hango, Greg Flag, Carl Arnett, Owen Dawson, Andrew Schubert, Matt Desson, Luke Santucci & Brad Hill

Plus many more.

23 mins long filmed entirely in BC Canada

Premiere at Atlantis Vancouver Saturday 12th December, 7-10pm

200 limited edition DVDs available from 12th December. Free with any purchase of $20 or more in store or online.

See you all on the 12th” Atlantis

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23 Nov Main Line is Not Clear – Mike Orita

Day 2 of our 5th year anniversary week, we have an awesome Edmonton edit from Mike Orita. Mike is a member of the 30+ club but shows no signs of slowing down/ still rides his bike for all the right reasons.

“I’m lucky to have a great group of friends that all have the same common interests of having fun and riding BMX. Thanks to all the homies and everyone that filmed or had a floor to crash on. Truly am blessed for this life I’ve that BMX has given me and has surrounded myself with people that make every moment memorable and enjoyable” Mike Boag Orita

Featuring Sean Tiffin, Sam Jepson, Jaumell Campbell, Mike Orita, Taylor Elvy, Luke Santucci, Riley Abarnyk, Jared Chilko, Isaac Barnes, Andrew Schubert, Jordan Hango, Jon Alden, Trucker Dan, Nick Dagg, Matt Walser, and more.

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22 Jan TBT – NMTBS

Nevermind the bullshit, ride your bike. This Gleamin joint that Luke Santucci put together is an amazing watch and NMTBS is the truth.

Featuring Jordan Hango, Taylor Elvy, Matt Desson, Mike Boag, Jared Chilko, Luke Santucci, Jaumell Campbell, Dillon Lloyd, Jeff Evans, James Steele, Greg Flag, Blair Pennell, Rob Taylor and Joe Rombs.

Click here to see the full Gleamin web vid lineup (including this 09 ramp beauty). GLMN DVD out one day.

GLMN was here.

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20 Nov 4 year anniversary – TBT early days


It’s hard to believe but this week marks our 4 year anniversary. Although that may not seem like a long time, 1,365 posts and over 200 edits later, to us it feels like forever. This site would not exist without all of our contributors, a huge thanks goes to all the homies who have created a feature or features, edits, ideas, logos, or even just sent us a link to an edit. There’s too many to name but you know who you are! A huge thank you goes out to BMX Gallery 4130 who have supported NE since the beginning and also to Etnies/Timebomb who have also supported the site and all of our contests for many years now. This site would also not exist without the support of you guys, riders across Canada, thank you for checking this site out!

We hate to ask, but if you enjoy this site please share this post with a link to our FB page and/or insta page.

BMX in Canada is bigger and better than ever today, we look forward to many more years to come.

To celebrate 4 years, and the fact that it’s TBT, here’s a look at a few of our earliest edits that we had been saving for the official NE launch.

Papa Matt Desson is one of those dudes who can film an edit in days, and that’s pretty much how this edit started. Some igloo clips, Woodyard and street clips, this was one of our first and Matt put in work for it.

Your favorite street rider’s favorite rider, Corey Dewey put in tons of work for the Ten Pack DVD in 2010. So much that Sean Cooke had this much left over footage and this edit/ interview fell into place. Dewey is and has always been a big hockey/Habs fan and is also a super serious dude so the song seemed like a solid choice.

Edmonton’s Mike Boag has been one of Canada’s hidden gems for years. Mike’s a super well rounded rider who’s been killing it forever, this was filmed by Taylor Elvy and edited by Luke Santucci.

This one kind of just fell into place while filming Desson’s edit. Hango’s first time ever riding the Woodyard but you’d never know it. The wallride to table he does near the end of the edit is opo slanted, it’s hard to explain but essentially it doesn’t really make sense to wallride, nevermind wallride to table. Hango can make anything work.

We could have posted many more edits but here’s a few other really early NE edits if you’ve got the time/wintertime blues: Ghetto mansionJames Steele, Jaumell vs Luke game of Bike, beer pong with Luke

Thanks for your continued support, big things to come!

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