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15 Mar Chris Martatos 2014 by Luis Almazan

Chris Martatos AKA Ghost first got his taste for Vancouver while flying in from Greece for the Metro Jam events. After sampling the goods Vancouver had to offer, Ghost made the move to Canada full-time. Ghost’s riding harkens back to an era of showmanship, this is a treat to watch!

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01 Nov Luis Almazan Demo Reel

I am always fascinated by what interests BMXers have outside of riding. The fact that a bike can bring people together even though they may have completely different interests or career outside of riding is cool. I have rode with Luis a few times and never had any idea what he did outside of riding until now. Luis is a Vancouver local who shreds Vanier, Hastings and nearly any transition you put in front of him, very cool to see what he does outside of riding and how talented he is at it.

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