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12 Mar Landozine – Quit Wasting My Film

This is an awesome 8mm BMX film that Chris Chitaroni made a few years back and just recently threw online. Featuring mostly Ottawa/Sudbury locals (and some Chris Silva clips).

“Filmed entirely in Super 8mm, this BMX video features footage from all over the world. Shot on a Chinon Super 8mm camera using a variety of Kodak super 8mm stock. One of the more innovative projects I have embarked upon, I still find it extremely entertaining.”
-Chris Chitaroni.

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30 Nov Landozine Barcelona Vacation Trailer

We posted about a trip to Barcelona that several riders from Ottawa and Sudbury made back in August, but Chris Chitaroni let me know what’s going on with all that footage he collected.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me what happened to the Barcelona footage, and after sifting through and organizing the nearly 100 gb of footage that was shot on the trip I’ve finally started editing it. It will be included in the ‘Landozine X’ DVD pack scheduled to be released sometime in February to commemorate ten years of Landozine videos. Here is the the trailer. It’s 2 minutes long, and I didn’t really even use any of the best clips. The full video is going to be gnarly.

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