Kyle Lafleur

Weird & Revered – Rural Ruckus

Justin Schwanke came through with his newest installment of Weird & Revered which features him and his homies riding their crazy backyard ramp setup. Pedaling through grass to get speed would be crazy hard, but these dudes manage to make it look easy.

Sudbury 2013

Rich Redmond and a gang of Ottawa boys took their inaugural trip to Sudbury to ride trails, skateparks, and jump off of humungous bridges. More coverage and photos here.

Ryan Eles pics by Kyle Lafleur

Kyle Lafleur hooked us up with some dope pics of Sudbury, ON shredder Ryan Eles. Ryan is definitely one of most up and coming Canadian shredders out there so keep an eye on this youngen! A huge thanks to long time Sudbury shredder Kyle Lafleur for hooking these up!