Kurt Murseli

Ode to Bonsor

On the west coast of Canada, we are more than fortunate to have a wide variety of A class concrete parks at our disposal. Here, we pay homage to one of our favourites Metro Towns, Bonsor Skatepark. Often during the summer, we’ll find ourselves having a chill session with a few good homies.

Ghetto Manor Richmond Session

As many riders have come and gone from the ever evolving Ghetto saga, Mansion to Manor to infinity… A few OG dudes are still holding it down in Kerrisdale. Soak some ocular ghettoness through your eyeballs and check these dudes out!

Igloo Sesh

Igloo Sesh with Matt Ridgeway, Matt Desson, Luke Santucci, Kurt Murseli and Ras Gravesen. Anyone who has ever riden here knows how tight it is, Ghetto Mansion kills the place.