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Nocturnal V2

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Some of Canada’s finest riders right now: Dillon Lloyd, Brandon Webster, Drew Bezanson, Mike Gray and Ben Kavanagh are featured in this Nocturnal V2 Joyride edit by Justen Soule.

Joyride 150 Halloween Jam by Justen Soule

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Joyride 150 held their annual Halloween Jam this past weekend and it looked like a time! Featuring the Street Plaza Best Line, Jump Line Competition, and the Park Competition, here’s Justen Soule’s recap of the jam.

5 on 5 – Justen Soule

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Today we begin a new feature called 5 on 5. We will be hitting up some filmers and riders about their top 5 BMX video parts/ or edits, starting with Justen Soule. From Drew Bezanson’s epic Joyride edits, to Demolition’s Last Chance DVD and lots in between, Justen Soule is a Canadian videographer who has been a part of alot of amazing projects. Who better to start off our 5 on 5 feature. Here are Justen’s all time top 5 BMX sections along with a few honorable mentions.

2013 Toronto BMX Jam Highlights

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Justen Soule put together this dope Pro Finals highlight reel (with some other clips mixed in) from this year’s Toronto BMX Jam for Alli Sports. Check it.

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