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28 Jun Joyride 150 Session

I’m real late on posting this one but better late than never. As most know the Notro Jam in Toronto is a huge event every year. Some of the best Pro’s in the world travel far and wide to compete in the contest. But there is another side of that weekend that doesn’t get the shine the contest does, but I’m sure most enjoy more and that’s the nightlife/chill sessions that are always present. It’s always great to get a bunch of like-minded individuals together who don’t necessarily know each other and after a session or a couple beers everyone is good friends.

This edit is from one session at the Joyride 150 Skatepark. Dudes from all over the country showed up to session the park and it turned out to be a great time. I’d like to thank the guys at Joyride for opening the park up early and espiecally Harley Haskett for making sure everyone got in and things ran smoothly.

I hope Notro next year is the best year yet, hope to see everyone there.

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21 Mar Pad Check: Jorden Guth

Wearing helmets and pads is always a personal preference. Some swear by them, some couldn’t care less. Jorden Guth is one person that swears by his pads, and I can’t think of a time that I saw him riding seriously without some gear on. When someone is strong in conviction over something, it’s usually with good reason, and he’s woken up on the flat bottom of a ramp on more than one occasion. I wanted to hear from him why he specifically runs the gear that he does. Click to read more from Joden Guth and his safety gear check.

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