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04 Feb TBT – 1664 BMX, Summer 2010 Alberta trip

Brad Hill presents a pretty epic TBT from a 1664 trip in 2010. Never seen before footage of Jeff Evans, Matt Desson, Andrew Schubert, Jordan Dawn and more. It seems the filmer of this trip bailed without telling anyone before the trip was even over (flew home without even letting anyone know he was leaving), and the tapes were mailed to Bobby shortly after to edit this beauty up. Even then it somehow never saw the light of day until now, better late than never.

Edited by Brad Hill


Isaac Barnes
Matt Desson
Jeff Evans
Andrew Schubert
Will Fisher
Jordan Dwan

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30 Mar BMXFU – Meow Mix by Chris Cadot

Cadot has been putting in work for this mixtape over the past year and it came out so sick. “”Last summer we came up with the idea to make a mixtape “Meow Mix” to hold people over till Fu666 drops. Thanks to everyone who was involved, chipped in behind the camera and sent in clips. Watch it with your buddy pally’s, get swirly, light up a diggity dope stick, get black out drunk and re-watch it. Hope ya’ll enjoy. Fu666 out soon.”

Riders: Brad Hill, Jordan Krupa, Lee Dennis, Jake Montgomery, Trent Barker, Greg Henry, Shawn Swain, Paul Hoerdt, Chris Cadot, Kenny Oliver, Charlie Crumlish, Jordan Dwan, Nick Dagg, Andrew White, Chris Orbell, Dave Wininger, Glen Hoerdt, Chijioke Okafo, Greg D’Amico, Spencer Longo, Jack Leonard, Chris Silva, Jeremy Deme, Gabe Truax, Spencer MacFarlane, Dave Raffa, Dakota Welbourn and Mark Hoerdt

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12 Mar Jordan Dwan Steady Rollin’

Jordan Dwan got hooked up with Tioga tires through his bike sponsor FBM and put this video together for them, and it’s safe to say that it’s pretty wild. Filmed by Brad Hill, Charlie Crumlish, Chris Cadot, and of course some self filmed clips. While you’re at it, go back and re-watch his winning entry for our 5 Clip Contest last year.

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10 Oct 1664 DSB Mix

“Here’s a mix edit made up from 1664 team riders Jordan Dwan, Andrew Schubert, and Isaac Barnes. Jordan’s clips were all filmed on a week stay in Edmonton. Andrew, and Isaac’s clips were shot while Dwan was out, and on weekend trips between Edmonton and Calgary. All while just chillin with friends and having a good time, Enjoy.”

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04 Jun Etnies/Timebomb 5 Clip Winner

This might be the corniest thing I’ve ever said/written in my entire life but honestly all 6 of these edits are winners. It was really tough to chose just one, each edit is so awesome in it’s own way. Read on to see 6 awesome videos, including the winning edit.
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08 Apr Random Photo: Jordan Dwan

BMXFU‘s Jordan Dwan makes it down a steep rail with, as he says, “just a double peg”. Not pictured is the twelve foot tall chain link fence just a short ten feet from the end of the rail, which makes the whole setup that much scarier.

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06 Jan Straight from FU: stories behind Guy Stuff

A while back we hit up a bunch of FU members to get some words ready for the Launch of FU5: Guy Stuff. We asked them to put together a quick paragraph on basically anything about the filming of FU5. The dvd is officially available in Canada now and is likely to get alot of attention real soon, it is by far the best of the FU series. Something that is consistent throughout FU5 and all the FU dvds is that the FU homies have alot of fun riding bikes together. There’s alot of good riding, good times, good filming and good editing in FU5, keep dvds alive and grab a copy, support guystuff all day.

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