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26 Jun No Bikes 2018: Montana/Alberta

Often when I plan out a No Bikes trip it’s centered around visiting a single park, or a few parks that are clustered in the same area. For our trip in 2018, that skatepark that really captured my imagination was the “Thunderpark” in Montana. The park is one of the (now) many Evergreen Skateparks built in the state, and beyond the unique concepts in the park layout, the backstory behind the park was really intriguing. Throughout Montana, skateparks have been built in small towns and on reservations as part of the Montana Pool Service movement with Jeff Ament from the band Pearl Jam as the leading force. In my travels, I’ve always had the best time riding parks in small towns, and these parks look especially good.

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08 Jul Blazeguard – Mixed Bag

JT uploaded a lengthy mix section from the Blazeguard DVD and this shit is good. Blazeguard level filming/editing, chill soundtrack, and super good riding from Travis Sexsmith, the Bolter Brothers, Zac Miner, Jason Teet, and a whole lot more. Jase.

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21 Jun Blazeguard – Straight Jibbin

JT @ Blazeguard hooked this one up: “Just a quick edit of Kym, Mick, Liam and I fucking around at Prahran park in Melbourne a couple days before I flew home. This is the first in a series of “no edit” edits I think I’ll do…aka not giving a fuck about the filming or editing and just fucking around.” This is dope, stoked to see JT shreddin in this one, check it.

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