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15 Jun MacNeil Warehouse 2015

Fresh Jaumell footage = hit play. “Here’s a little mix of riding from the MacNeil warehouse over the last couple of months featuring John Alden, Jaumell Campbell, Amos Franke and Adam Piatek. Press play and enjoy!” MACNEIL

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18 Nov Calgary Mixtape 2

“A collection of Riding, and B-roll filmed throughout 2014 in calgary.
Riders: Richard Gallant, Chay Nelson, Tristan, Jeremy Theoret, Ryan Summers, John Alden, Tadros Eyob, and myself.” Austin Odegnal

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20 Nov John Alden: Lost Tapes

John Alden put together some unused footage that he had from just two days of riding in the spring. Normally that would be a bit of a snoozefest of an edit to post, but the no-footed seatgrab barspin in this makes it worth the while.

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17 Sep Andrew Schubert & John Alden Interview


If you’ve been paying attention to BMX in Canada, or BMX anywhere for that matter, you’ve likely heard of Andrew Schubert and John Alden in the past couple years. It’s pretty easy to detect how much fun these guys have riding their bikes on whatever they happen to be riding any given day. We hit up these two humble Calgary boys to get to know them a bit better and see what they’ve been up to as of late.

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17 Aug John Alden in Vancouver

There’s been a lot of west coast coverage lately, but this video is worth it for the handplant alone. John Alden left Calgary for two weeks in Vancouver and put together quite a bit of footage (in such a short period of time) for Ten Pack. His ability to put a solid line together has come a long way, and the line at the 2:16 mark is a good example of this.

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29 Apr Jib Jammin Okotoks by Andrew Schubert

Andrew Schubert put together this dope spring edit of him and his buddies shredding the Okotoks park. Featuring Andrew Schubert, John Alden, Teddy Eyob, Aaron Cheng, and Jay Park, filmed and edited by Andrew Schubert. Such a good vibe throughout, get stoked on spring!

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19 Apr John Alden – Populess Edit

This is a few months old now but John kills it and this edit deserves some shine time. Not to mention it was filmed by Andrew Schubert and it ends with something you don’t see enough of in web edits these days.

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