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17 Mar TBT- Jeff Evans Hiatus

Before you young bucks say or think “another old edit” consider the fact that this was filmed inĀ  2004/2005. A time where not too many, if any riders were doing wallrides to whip, opo feebs hard 180s, opo feebs to whip, pegs to hard, amongst other things. Re live Jetty’s glory days in this one and see how ahead of his time he truly was.

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23 Feb Presence Winter Mix

Montreal’s OG presence crew making the most of winter with this winter mix. “2016 Presence Winter Mix featuring: Albert Krolikowski, Jeff Evans, Jeremy Deme, Francis Pasquino, Sean Cooke, Colin Fried, Dillon Lloyd, Justin Kirnan and Corey Dewey.

Presence Last Stand in progress”

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04 Feb TBT – 1664 BMX, Summer 2010 Alberta trip

Brad Hill presents a pretty epic TBT from a 1664 trip in 2010. Never seen before footage of Jeff Evans, Matt Desson, Andrew Schubert, Jordan Dawn and more. It seems the filmer of this trip bailed without telling anyone before the trip was even over (flew home without even letting anyone know he was leaving), and the tapes were mailed to Bobby shortly after to edit this beauty up. Even then it somehow never saw the light of day until now, better late than never.

Edited by Brad Hill


Isaac Barnes
Matt Desson
Jeff Evans
Andrew Schubert
Will Fisher
Jordan Dwan

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22 Jan TBT – NMTBS

Nevermind the bullshit, ride your bike. This Gleamin joint that Luke Santucci put together is an amazing watch and NMTBS is the truth.

Featuring Jordan Hango, Taylor Elvy, Matt Desson, Mike Boag, Jared Chilko, Luke Santucci, Jaumell Campbell, Dillon Lloyd, Jeff Evans, James Steele, Greg Flag, Blair Pennell, Rob Taylor and Joe Rombs.

Click here to see the full Gleamin web vid lineup (including this 09 ramp beauty). GLMN DVD out one day.

GLMN was here.

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17 Nov Eye Sore 11 – Vancouver Hijack

It appears the 11th iteration of the critically acclaimed Eye Sore series has been hijacked. The newly formed, Vancouver based shop Atlantis, has risen above the tides and hit up the streets. These hard Haida pirates will hijack any tanker, tugboat, or dingy in the Georgia Straight. Look out!

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29 Jul The Make – Eye Sore 10

Orlando is back with another short edit for his proverbial bike company The Make. Short and sweet is how you can describe it, and nowhere else will you see a blend of UK riders like Tommy Curtain, Chicken, and Marv alongside west coast Canadians such as Jeff Evans, Brad Hill, Andrew Schubert, and Jordan Hango. Oh, and not to mention Rick Flair.

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22 Jun It’s Alway Sunny in Tsawwassen

Summer is officially here, get out there, ride bikes and have good times with your buds.
A fun afternoon with Matt Desson, Jeff Evans, Andy Roode and Brad Hill at Tsawwassen, BC while it rained everywhere else in Vancouver.

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