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16 Aug Northern Embassy Summer 2013 Mix

Last summer we put together the ‘Stay Glad it’s Summer mix’ edit (see below) and it was probably the funnest thing I filmed all year. I’ve been meaning to put this together for quite a while now but better later than never. Northern Embassy 2013 Summer Mix compiled of a bunch of random footage from the past few months. Featuring Dillon Lloyd, Jeff Evans, Albert Krolikowski, Dave Laliberte, Mike King, Luke Santucci, Corey Dewey, Jeremy Deme, Matt Desson, Jason Teet, ‘Skinny’ Jeff Bedard, Jordan Hango, Greg Flag, and Sophie

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15 Jul Chilling Spree: No Tape Necessary

Here’s a new video of low-fi oddness from Riley McMaster. A mish mash of riding and all kinds of footage edited to a home recorded song. Watch it and mellow out man.

This is also a perfect time to mention that Riley is now a regular contributor to this site. Those of you that keep a close eye have probably already figured that out, but we are fans of Riley’s brand of writing, photography, videos, and the creative projects he releases in general, so it was a no-brainer to bring him on board. This just means more rad shit to share with everyone in the future. Welcome aboard!

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13 Nov Jason Teet Bike Check

This is Jason Anthony. Jason Teet took his pegs off for a while and gets ridiculous on a bunch of Van setups you’d ride by and probably not think twice about riding. He also discusses his current rig, put together very nicely by Riley McMaster.

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