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14 Apr MacNeil – Any Means Necessary

Posting this ‘exclusive’ trailer on here anyway because it features some of the Canada’s finest and it was put together by the man himself, Zach Rampen. Get stoked by any means, you won’t be disappointed! Featuring Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Sam Lowe, Chijioke Okafo, Chris Silva, Adam Piatek, Jack Leonard, John Manaras, Jaumell Campbell, George Bolter, Amos Franke, Nathan Hines, Justin Hughes and more.

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24 Feb What The Hell Is a DWOK? Interview With Jack Leonard

dwok squad 3
DWOK squad. Photo by Mitch Oudshoorn.

Last week The Come Up premiered the DWOK Mixtape, and to the uninitiated they might be wondering what the hell a DWOK is, who these guys were, or what’s up with London, ON? We’ve been a fan of what this humble crew have been doing for a little while now and were patiently awaiting their mixtape. They managed to put out a full video, independent of any brands, that turned a lot of heads and showcased some amazing riding and unseen talent. The video focuses on the creatively use of their local spots, instead of the bangers and NBD route. While it’s easy to fall in to the traps of web video cliches, what these guys have been doing appears genuine and sincere, so we thought we’d shed a little more information on this young crew and spoke to the mastermind of their video Jack Leonard. Check it out below.

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17 Feb DWOK: Mixtape Out Now Kid

After long last the DWOK Mixtape is finally out. This whole thing clocks in at just over 30 minutes but it felt like it flew by when I watched it. A number of full parts, split parts, and mix parts from Eli Taylor, Jack Leonard, Mason Gray, and a bunch more of London, ON’s finest. Creative editing, so many instances of great spot usage, great soundtrack, and the VX filming looked crispy. It’s great to see a crew investing so much time to create a unique end result that really stands out and shines against a sea of rushed web edits. Nothing felt fake or forced, DWOK is the real deal. This is a must watch.

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07 Feb Kevin Gauci

Kevin Gauci is one of the unlucky dudes who are currently off the bike due to injury. Here are some clips Jack Leonard filmed of Kevin in London,ON before he messed up his knee. Alot of awesome/ original riding in here. Heal up for spring homie!

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14 Aug Jack Leonard

Reppin London, Ontario Jack Leonard kills it in his latest Macneil Young Guns edit. Not sure if I’ve ever seen the last trick done before and if I have it’s never been so smooth. Get stoked for the DWOK mixtape!

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02 Jan DWOK Trailer

This is the trailer for the DWOK Mixtape from London, Ontario which looks really good. High-jinx and street riding from Mason Grey, Eli Taylor, Jack Leonard, and more.

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