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07 Oct 2014/2015 NHL Hockey Pool


A couple winters ago we hosted an Northern Embassy hockey pool. We’ve had a few people ask to do one again this year, we’ve created a yahoo pool but it’s not quite as simple as the old CBC pool. There needs to be a draft so if you are interested in joining please comment here or email us ( asap with your email address so we can add you to the pool. As much as winter is brutal, the new season is only two days away!!

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06 Dec Why We Play #NOLOCKOUT

NHL season or not, hockey is in full effect in Canada and this video represents what hockey in our country is all about. Bettman (who earns $8 million a year) and the NHLPA can suck it, there’s much more to hockey in Canada than the NHL.

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06 Oct Day 1 of 2011-2012 NHL Season

Today is a huge day for 99% of Canadians, day 1 of the 2011-2012 NHL season. The Winnipeg Jets are back, Dustin Byfuglien is holding it down up there and pretty much all the canadian teams are looking solid this year. Above is Matt Desson supporting the Canucks during their cup run last spring. Here’s to hockey for keeping our winters exciting.

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