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29 May GT Jam 2012 by Kerr Bilsland

“Every year around 100 riders from across BC gather at Parksville skatepark for the GT jam to remember Justin Gair who died in a drunk driving accident in 2006 (the name GT Jam came from the GT Dyno Justin rode). The jam is on its 7th year, and I’m sure everyone would agree that each year was more awesome than the last. Even though I never had the opportunity to meet Justin it’s a great way to remember someone who was liked by so many. Rest In peace Justin.”
– Kerr Bilsland
***There will be many more GT jams to come***

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18 Jul Video Submissions: PA ALL DAY GT Jam 2011/ West Coast Road Trip/ Gnarwhale mix

Jimmy Dean/ PA All Day always bring the heat. Here is an edit from their annual GT Jam “…bring together a gang of the grimiest islanders and mainlanders you can think of and this is the result. This video is packed full of lols, wtfs and omgs.
featuring a laundry list of the dirtiest people you know and don’t wanna know. Without further adieu i am proud to bring you the 6th annual GT JAM, in memory of Justin Gair. Even tho he hasn’t been with us physically his spirit lives on strong through the jams, his friends and his family. Holla at gt Justin.”

Ryan Eles, Mike Gray and Ori F.S. made the trip from Toronto to BC, hitting spots/parks along the way.

Riley McMaster/Gnarwhale summer mixtape, filmed mostly around Vancouver with some New Zealand clips in there as well.

Also a quick Jason Teet edit filmed in Squamish via Ride On.

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