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13 Nov iPhoneography: Greg Henry

iphoneography-greghenry Whenever I see Greg Henry, or while following him on Instagram, he's taking and sharing photos. Whether holding it down at his bridge spot in St. Catherine's, ON or on a road trip to somewhere nearby, he'll have his phone out and capturing something interesting. I thought he would be a perfect fit for our third iPhoneography feature where we ask a rider to share a dozen photos with us that they took in the last six months. Check out Greg's photos below, and you can follow him on Instagram for more photos at @bmxfu_gh and us at @northernembassy. Read More
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06 Jan Straight from FU: stories behind Guy Stuff

A while back we hit up a bunch of FU members to get some words ready for the Launch of FU5: Guy Stuff. We asked them to put together a quick paragraph on basically anything about the filming of FU5. The dvd is officially available in Canada now and is likely to get alot of attention real soon, it is by far the best of the FU series. Something that is consistent throughout FU5 and all the FU dvds is that the FU homies have alot of fun riding bikes together. There's alot of good riding, good times, good filming and good editing in FU5, keep dvds alive and grab a copy, support guystuff all day. Read More
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