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18 Nov Gnarcotics Street Mix

If every crew in Canada were as productive as the Gnarcotics crew ( and potentially spent less time on inst waste) what a marvelous thing it would be. We truly always enjoy fresh footage from these dudes and this edit is no exception. This is their first street only mix and features some guest clips from Adam Piatek and Pawel Podgorny. POCO repin

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19 Oct End of Summer Vol 2 – brayden rastad

This is awesome (minus the first bail). Brayden of the Gnarcotics/POCO squad comes though with some amaizng filming and editing while the squad continues to progress looking smoother than ever.  Grain has never looked so good and either has a BMX balancing on a random dude’s chin.

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03 Nov Gnarcotics: End of Summer

Big fan of these homies, always shredding and having good times with the homies, what it’s all about. “Here is all the leftover clips from summer I had on my laptop. Had a great summer with theses dudes, hope you enjoy.”

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