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05 Jul LOST ON AN ISLAND – Rayden Wickop

Street mixtape that Rayden Wickop put together with the BMX scene out on Vancouver Island. They’ve got an insane scene with a ton of amazing spots, check it out and make sure you stick around til the end for one gigantic 180 double barspin.

Riders; Garrett Bell (16 fucking years old) , Trent Krog (15 years old) , Griffen Jepson (15 years old), then, Tyler Mckinstry, Jesse Hetherington, Regan Miller, Austin Baillie, Rayden Wickop, Tristan Sweet, Nathan Hines, Adam Piatek. Filmed on Vancouver Island.

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04 Jan World Deece Island Mix – Derek Morgan

World Deece Island Mix filmed and edited by Victoria’s Derek Morgan.

Video details:
Filmed between Victoria and Parksville B.C.
Tyler Mckinstry
Derek Morgan
Sean Gatensby (kid is 11)
Ky Brisebois
Logan Mane
Jordan Fair
August Nesbitt
Garrett Bell
Filmed on a shitty dslr and edited on fcp

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