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17 Mar Flatland At The Toronto Bicycle Show – 2014

F1000017 France's Alex Jumelin up on the back wheel. This year the Flatland Unlimited contest at the Toronto International Bicycle Show celebrated their 10th year of putting on Toronto's foremost flatland competition. I've visited the event for well over a decade, and even competed (albeit not very well) back when it was put on under the Metro Jam umbrella. I shot a few photos of the activity going on in a far corner of the building. Not much of the competition or the riding, but flatlanders are a different and unique group and you can't help but notice that when seeing these riders that largely practice their craft in solitude come together as a group for an event. Check out a few more photos after the jump. Read More
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02 Dec A Canadian Flatlander in Paris

Most people would question why a flatlander would travel to different spots. Aren't all parking lots the same? Not really, nor is the scene beyond the parking lot. Back in October, Prasheel Gopal traveled from Ottawa to Paris to ride with Matthias Dandois and enter the Urban Vibrations contest in Pessac. After a respectable third place in the master class, he returned to Canadian soil and sent me these camera phone photos. Click below to check them out. Read More
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