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Repset Teaser

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New Repset teaser is dope as hell. Super well put together by Beal, including some funny Canadian quotes from that 70′s show and some really dope clips from Winnipeg locals including Matt Perrin, Carl Wood and Wayne Hartman. Wayne’s last few clips are ridiculous, god damn!

Meth Mangler Mix

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“Filmed mainly in Edmonton, and Calgary with a couple BC clips thrown in. There was no real direction while filming for this, just clipping on any regular session with the homies. There are some old clips, and some new that I just thought fit in place. Thanks to John Alden, James Van De Kamp, Richard Gallant, Mike Orita, Jaumell Campbell, Trucker Dan, Colton Ponto, Darcy Peters, Andrew Schubert, Jake Montgomery, Eric Marshall, Cory Beal, Andrew White Jeremy Bischler, Ryan Spracklin, Sam Jepson, Nick Lemont, and Matthew Walser for the good times, and thanks to the Embassy for hosting the edit.”
- Isaac Barnes

It hasn’t been easy holding onto this edit all week. So pumped on this! Huge thanks to Isaac for hooking this up. There’s a bunch of rad Canadian riders in this edit mixed with good tunes, good filming, and good editing.

Eric Marshall Video

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Quick video of Eric’s time spent in Vancouver.


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Some FU homies came through Winnipeg for a weekend and these are all the scraps that we filmed at  the park. I threw together a little edit.

The boys killin it in this edit are: Glen, Paul, Mark Hoerdt, Chris Cadot, Matt Jonsson, Cole Jonsson, Zane Mckinnon, Carl Prettyman, Matt Parrin, Dave Mcnabb, Marc St.hilaire, Wayne Hartman, and myself.

Fun Fact: Eric Marshall

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Here’s a fun fact, skilled photographer, Winnipeg/White Rock/oil rig resident Eric Marshall can’t sleep without his trusty sleep mask. Brad Hill flick.

Winnipeg Crew in Winkler

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Eric Marshall hooked up this dope edit of him and his buddies hitting a sweet indoor park in Winkler, MB. Spring is near.


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After the great BMX exile that took place in Winnipeg this summer, the (cool) members of the REPSET Mansion unanimously decided that we would have to meet in Las Vegas for New Years Eve and get fucked up one last time before another inevitable hangout-hiatus. Myself, Eric Marshall, James McNabb, and Dave Mcnabb all flew out of our respective airports and met in Nevada’s party capital to get loose for a week straight. Fortunately, our trip lined up with Brad Hill (a veteran BMXFU representative)’s excursion, and we got to spend a night or two with Marc Boudreau and Jeff Bedard. It was a recipe for disaster, so we grabbed some disposable cameras to take some pictures of some shit we’d probably regret later – for your viewing pleasure, of course.

The disposable cameras were Eric Marshall‘s idea (he was also behind the lens for the majority of these photos), and they came out great. Enjoy.


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