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23 Nov Mark Stanway at House of Wheels Skatepark

Mark Stanway is probably the fastest progressing park rider in the Edmonton area right now. For better or for worse, he has that young, fearless, “just gonna send it” attitude. I’ll give you an example: That launch ramp / fly-out backflip at 0:24 was done on a hi-tensile steel rental bike from the park. Given how hard Mark is on bikes, he had to pay an additional $10 to rent it. As expected, the bike made some pretty awful noises as he was attempting the flip. The bars were continuously slipping and his feet kept blowing off the non-grippy pedals. Nonetheless, he kept going for it until the bike couldn’t take much more. Mark will have some footage in the upcoming Weird & Revered DVD, but until then, peep this short video comprised of phone clips at House of Wheels skatepark. It will give a little taste of what Mark is all about.

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12 Jan Indah Street 2017

Shaun Harrison sent through this awesome mixtape that he filmed in Edmonton throughout 2017. Everyone’s got some fire clips so press play!

ft. Zach Coutu, Teddy Bambrick, Kolbi Watier, Brad Chambers, Chase Davidson, Tommy Tan, Jasper Mclean, Clayton Gibson, Tyler Horness, Kyle Lafleur, Shaun Harrison, Derek Bolz, Roberto Ouwens, Duke Thompson-Kurz.

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14 Sep FISE World Edmonton: Kaskitayo Jam

Justin Schwanke and the boys at Weird and Revered hosted a jam along side the FISE organizers in Edmonton and it looked like a time. Fresh Ted Bambrick and Matt Walser footage never hurts either! Stoked to see how the contest goes this coming weekend.

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08 Jan Nick Halisheff – 2015 – Transition BMX

Holy shit!! Nick Halisheff is a name you won’t soon forget, Nick brings some bangers from Edmonton, AB. So much gnarly stuff in here mixed with some tech stuff as well, Nick flew in a little under the radar but he absolutely kills it!

“Nick Halisheff is the newest addition to the Transition BMX team.

Filmed in the streets of Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Welcome to the crew.

Song: Death’s Door – Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
Edit: Nick Stein”

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23 Nov Main Line is Not Clear – Mike Orita

Day 2 of our 5th year anniversary week, we have an awesome Edmonton edit from Mike Orita. Mike is a member of the 30+ club but shows no signs of slowing down/ still rides his bike for all the right reasons.

“I’m lucky to have a great group of friends that all have the same common interests of having fun and riding BMX. Thanks to all the homies and everyone that filmed or had a floor to crash on. Truly am blessed for this life I’ve that BMX has given me and has surrounded myself with people that make every moment memorable and enjoyable” Mike Boag Orita

Featuring Sean Tiffin, Sam Jepson, Jaumell Campbell, Mike Orita, Taylor Elvy, Luke Santucci, Riley Abarnyk, Jared Chilko, Isaac Barnes, Andrew Schubert, Jordan Hango, Jon Alden, Trucker Dan, Nick Dagg, Matt Walser, and more.

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30 Apr 420 Jams: Post ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

All stoner jokes aside, here are a couple edits from 420 jams that occurred just 10 days ago in different parts of the country. Above is a quick edit from a jam that happened in Edmonton, AB at the Callingwood Skatepark, filmed by Richard Harding and edited by Jared Chilko. Below is a video from the annual BMXFU 420 Jam, held in Niagara Falls, ON with a crazy roof drop at the end. Rastafarian colours and smoke clips abound.

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