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27 Feb Jonathan Hausmann’s Canadian Vacation

Germans are well-executed tech machines and Jonathan Hausmann is no exception. Last summer Jonathan travelled to British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario to put his two-wheeled tech skills to work. Unfortunately, Jonathan’s bike was stolen in Winnipeg which cut some of his planned riding short. Nonetheless, he still managed to gather a bunch of footage for this video. Guest appearances from Cory Beal, Mark Stanway, Jesse Baraniuk, Nick Rempel, Cole Jonsson, and Justin Schwanke.

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23 Nov Mark Stanway at House of Wheels Skatepark

Mark Stanway is probably the fastest progressing park rider in the Edmonton area right now. For better or for worse, he has that young, fearless, “just gonna send it” attitude. I’ll give you an example: That launch ramp / fly-out backflip at 0:24 was done on a hi-tensile steel rental bike from the park. Given how hard Mark is on bikes, he had to pay an additional $10 to rent it. As expected, the bike made some pretty awful noises as he was attempting the flip. The bars were continuously slipping and his feet kept blowing off the non-grippy pedals. Nonetheless, he kept going for it until the bike couldn’t take much more. Mark will have some footage in the upcoming Weird & Revered DVD, but until then, peep this short video comprised of phone clips at House of Wheels skatepark. It will give a little taste of what Mark is all about.

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