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18 Mar Taz Winter Mix – Imported

Montreal’s youth/Imported crew coming through with a dope winter Taz edit featuring a bunch of young MTL shredders including Jordane Dubois, Justin Hughes, Dillon Lloyd, Turik, Kamil, Vlad, Carlos, Dave, Kev, and Max. Filmed and edited by Vlad P.

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15 Mar Canadian Contingent @ Simple Session 2013


It’s that time of the year where the majority of the BMX population invades the small town of Tallin, Estonia for arguably the biggest BMX contest of the year, Simple Session. This year has a strong contingent of the new generation of Canadian shredders with Dillon Lloyd returning for the second time, along with first timers Brandon Webster and Mike Gray. This event is comprised of a who’s who list of the top riders around the world, so it’s great to see such strong Canadian talent included. Like past years, they will be streaming the event live online all weekend here, or you can catch all the highlights and best-of edits that will surely be pouring in online next week. Good luck to our countrymen!

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11 Feb Too Young To Get Old

I am by no means a talented filmer or editor, but I do pull out my point and shoot camera (or in most cases my phone) from time to time to record. I collected a bunch of random stuff I had filmed between January 2012 and January 2013 and put together this short video.

In the last year I visited both ends of the country to stay with friends and made plenty of new ones, as well as had numerous friends come and stay with me in Toronto. At times I may jokingly call myself an old man and complain about my aches and pains, but when I look at my life and the people I surround myself with I cannot help but feel young and invigorated. This video is full of those people and places, as well as a few cute animals.

In order of appearance:
Patrick Krzyzanowski
Chris Silva
Jeff Bedard
Leland Nightingale
Rich Redmond
Phil Bartlett
Chris Langoid
Prashant Gopal
Greg Flag
Craig Robinson
Buck 65
Dillon Lloyd
Trent Barker’s fist

Old Canes – Black Hill Chapel

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19 Dec Dillon Lloyd Heavy Hitter Éclat Pro-Motion

Our history with Dillon Lloyd runs deep. Deeper than the 2nd place section for The Hunt that we worked together on last year. I remember him since he was a 12 year old boy at the skatepark with food stains and crumbs all over him, riding better than the guys twice his age, and Jeremy’s history with him runs even deeper. All that makes us even more stoked and proud that he just got the bump to the Éclat pro team to a roster of some pretty heavy hitters. One could say that he is carrying a torch for a new generation of Canadian riders on the world stage now. Check out this amazing video filmed largely by (occasional Embassy contributor) Sean Cooke, and put together by Jeremy Deme.

heavy hitter
Heavy Hitter 1#

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26 Sep Dillon Lloyd in Embajada En Barcelona

Last December, 11 of us we’re fortunate enough to make the trip from the great white North that is Canada to Barcelona, Spain. This trip wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for our boy Dillon Lloyd getting second place in the Hunt and getting a trip to Barcelona as the result. It’s only fair that Dillon start off our Embajada in Barcelona DVD remix edits. If you haven’t already, you can grab a copy of the dvd here for $5. Filmed by Sean Cooke, Luke Santucci and myself (Jeremy Deme)

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20 Aug Dillon Lloyd MACNEIL Cali edit

If your going to watch one edit this week/month, this is the one. Our boy Dillon Lloyd, killing it in Cali for a few weeks this past winter. Filmed by Sean Cooke, big things coming to Diller in the near future! Yea guy!

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