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09 Apr Dillon Lloyd – On Everything OSS

The only thing you need to watch today, Dillon has been stacking for this project for a long while now with the intentions of having his best video part to date. It does not disappoint. NBDs, and Dill’s signature mix of burly/ tech riding, watch this now and again and again.

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23 Feb Presence Winter Mix

Montreal’s OG presence crew making the most of winter with this winter mix. “2016 Presence Winter Mix featuring: Albert Krolikowski, Jeff Evans, Jeremy Deme, Francis Pasquino, Sean Cooke, Colin Fried, Dillon Lloyd, Justin Kirnan and Corey Dewey.

Presence Last Stand in progress”


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01 Feb Dillon Lloyd Getting Buck – the early years


We never typically take a trip down a personal memory lane on here but there’s a first time for everything so here goes.

In the winter of 2009, as was the case every winter, Montreal riders were forced indoors. Lucky for us, UAB (a private indoor bike park ran by Liam of now 514BMX) was open and kept us shredding all winter in the best possible environment. Dillon had been slowly growing taller and shredding harder and harder over the last couple of years, essentially everyday since he started riding. I’d seen Dillon around at UAB and from him being around the chats crew whenever he could sneak a ride into the city to ride street with them. I remember one summer day in particular where Dillon laid under 5 bikes in the trunk of Ryan Kirnan’s Mazda Precidia so he could ride the city with the crew. Five bikes and five people in a Precidia still doesnt make sense to me but somehow they managed, and luckily didn’t get in an accident or Dillon wouldn’t be alive today. Dillon was a young kid, an ADD kid who would literally drop in at UAB if anyone hesitated to drop in for a split second. A kid who was never short of energy, was constantly looking for trouble and was always very entertaining on and off a bike.

It was winter of 2009 that MTL locals really started noticing Dillon’s riding. He’d gotten really really good riding UAB nearly everyday and was doing stuff a normal 15-16 year old should not be doing and very casually. He’d actually use cushions from the couches of UAB to create a “foam pit” or “resi” on the 6 foot quarter of UAB and learn flairs and more that way. This is nowhere near typical Woodward or Joyride resi, this was half a foot of cushioning from old ass couch cushions that people had thrown away because they were so worn out, barely saving Dillon from braking his neck. That winter I asked Dill if he wanted to film over a few sessions to see what we could come up with. I didn’t know Dill too well at the time and honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this hyperactive kid. Low and behold he produced enough footage in a few sessions to produce a 3:30 long edit.

At the time we’d been making Presence DVDs every summer, just buds riding, exploring Montreal, chilling, drinkin, having goods times and documenting it for the memories. That’s what BMX is all about right? Dewey and Greg had gotten hooked up on Federal with some help from Montreal’s Max Vincent putting in a good word for them (and more importantly the fact that they were absolutely killing it) and Mike Fiz would later get on United as well. Not having a clue how anything industry worked, or really caring, I decided to do the completely wrong thing to ever do in emailing a few companies Dillon’s edit. Looking back on it, it was a really dumb thing to do. Web edits were in their early stages at that time and I thought we were sitting on some real gold here. We received the typical and exact response we should have received “Dillon is a shredder but for a rider to get sponsored we typically want to get to know him and see more of him before putting him on our brand”. Again, completely understandable and warranted but also funny to look back on now.

Then we got the email “Jeremy, what’s your phone number and when would you be available to talk?”. I would get a call a couple days later from none other than Jay Miron. Jay was blown away by Dillon, his riding was incredible, especially for his age. Jay’s only concern was “Is he a shit head? Be honest man because we need to know that and it’s super important before doing anything with any rider”. My response was simply “Jay would I lie to you at the risk of you fighting me? Your Jay Miron, I’m not gonna lie to you”.

Jay would send Dillon a bike days later and a few weeks later Dillon, Greg and I would meet up with the MacNeil/ Ten Pack homies in Toronto for a recession tour trip. That was one of the best trips, meeting Jaumell, Chij, Silva, Harley, Beal, Sexsmith, Harrison, Dave, and of course Jay. Dill was everyone’s little brother on the trip, earning the nickname YP (young pimp). He obviously killed it and held his own with all of the older dudes but he also kept everyone laughing/ entertained the entire time. I remember this to this day that Dill was infatuated with Sexsmith’s working out/ protein meals. We were on our way to a cabin in the woods for 3 days, everyone needed to buy food to last the three days, Dillon was at the cash of the grocery store with only a bottle of protein, he was convinced he could eat only protein for the next 3 days to start getting fit like Travis.


Flash forward to summer of 2011. Dillon comes to Vancouver to spend a few weeks with me to film for the Hunt video contest. He absolutely kills it and is on a mission the whole time. He ends up a respectable second place, behind only Chad Kerley. Dillon Would film this amazing Cali edit over that winter with Sean Cooke, doing some of the gnarliest crank arms for it’s time and of course Dillon absolutely killed it for the NE Barcelona DVD and essentially every team trip he’s ever been on.


Flash forward even further, from multiple incredible edits, international trips, to now a signature parts line with WeThePeople. Dill had a ton of dopes clips in some trip edits over 2015 (including most recently the Red Bull Metro pass seen here) and has a couple of crazy things about to drop very soon as well so look forward to that!

In all of this possibly the one thing that makes Dillon even sicker is the fact that he would be riding his bike today no matter what. Alot of people don’t know this but before Dill started riding BMX he was essentially Canadian wrestling champion until he tore his ACL and decided to start riding BMX after he healed from that. Dillon is the kind of guy who just picks up things way too quickly and is incredibly talented in most ways. Dill never made riding about getting sponsored, he just rode with friends and it worked out for him. Dill didn’t come from a wealthy family who sent him to woodward to train during the summers, Dill has worked for everything he has today. We’re just lucky he grabbed a BMX when he did and we have been able to witness his madness over all these years.  A modern Canadian Beast.


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15 Jan 2016 NE X JOYRIDE 150 Canadian Street Invitational – Recap Vid

Last Saturday January 9th, the first annual Joyride 150 X Northern Embassy Canadian Street Invitational was held.

The idea was simple, invite 10 amazing Canadian pros who live in the Ontario/Quebec area and watch them destroy the street room of Joyride 150. We although thought it could be awesome to host an Expert jam before the pros where each pro team would choose one expert.

The experts killed it and two were chosen: Cole Ramseyer and Austin Karker.

Team 1:
Mike Gray
Spencer Ryan
Justin Hughes
Dean Hartley
Gabe Truax

Team 2:
Dillon Lloyd (injured)
Brandon Webster
Greg Henry
Eli Taylor
Ryan Eles
Chijioke Okafo
Austin Karker

Both teams went off but team 1 would be named the champs. The overall vibe/atmosphere of the contest (if you even want to call it that) was amazing. Non competitive, just people stoked to be riding together and chilling together, which is the best. 2017’s will be bigger and better, start planning to come out to next years!

We can’t thank Joyride 150 enough for allowing this event to happen there. If not for Joyride’s expansion and creation of the street room years ago, many Ontario riders would suffer all winter having no real indoor spot to go to. Also thanks to Joyride for whipping up a new rail for the contest. Huge thanks to MC Prashant and Paul Hoerdt, filmers Chris Cadot, Joel Fortin and Mason Gray, all the riders who came out (especially Mike Gray/ Dilllon Lloyd for delaying their trips back to Cali for this event). Last but not least, a huge thanks to all of the sponsors: Haro, WTP, Vans, Eclat, Radio, The Boiler Room, Merritt, Fiend, Federal!

See you next year!!

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10 Jan NE x Joyride 150 Canadian Street Invitational – In the Books

The first NE x Joyride 150 Canadian Street Invitational is in the books and it couldn’t have been better.

The experts killed it, Zack St Clair, Matt Stiehl, Stephane Sum, Mike Depetrillo, Spencer Longo, Jason Kearnan, Lee Giroux, to name a few. Cole Ramseyer got picked by Mike Gray’s team and won a sick Haro SD frame kit, Vans shoes and more. Austin Karker also killed it and got picked by Dillon Lloyd’s team winning the WTP Patron frame kit, Vans shoes and more WTP goods. Both also got the opportunity to ride with the pro teams.

Dillon Lloyd woke up Saturday morning with an unfortunate infection in his finger Saturday which didn’t allow him to ride but Greg Henry stepped into his spot and absolutely killed it, in greasy italian tank fashion. The pros groups were ridiculous, team 1 consisted of Mike Gray, Dean Hartley, Justin Hughes, Spencer Ryan, Gabe Truax and Cole Ramseyer and team 2 consisted of Brandon Webster, Ryan Eles, Eli Taylor, Chijioke Okafo, Greg Henry and Austin Karker, with Dillon coaching. Team 1 (Mike’s team) took the win but both teams absolutely killed it. A few insane NBDs were done, crazy lines, a ton of variety, a tone of rad stuff.

A huge thanks goes out to Joyride 150 for allowing this event to happen in their amazing street room (and even for welding together a sick new rail for the event). I think we speak for alot of Ontario street riders when we say that winters would be completely brutal without Joyride 150’s awesome street room. Not to mention there’s something special about never having to worry about skateboarders or scooters in the way. Thanks for every guys!!

A huge thanks goes to the riders for making it out to this, our judges (Chris Silva, Jeff Evans and Justin Skinner), filmers Chris Cadot, Joel Fortin and Mason Gray, announcers Prashant Gopal and Paul Hoerdt for holding it down on the mics, all the experts who rode, everyone who came out to check it out and of course our sponsors who truly allowed this event to happen: WethePeople, Haro, Vans, Eclat, Radio, Merritt, Federal, Fiend  and the Boiler Room.

Check back in the coming weeks for the offical edit of the madness!

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23 Dec Metro Pass – Montreal: Dillon Lloyd, Corey Martinez, Chris Childs, Matt Nordstrom

A few of us were fortunate enough to see some of this madness in person! When Corey Martinez, Chris Childs, Matt Nordstrom and Dillon Lloyd session together for a few days, in an incredible city for spots (with Justin Hughes spot guiding), you get a banger edit. Highlights include Corey Martinez’ uprail to launch and hanger nose at the big o, pretty sure no one ever imagined that possible, Chris Childs gaping to hanger (and ice) which had never been done and his ridiculously huge wallride, Dill’s truck and uprail stuntery, essentially it’s 3:34 of highlights.

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