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15 Dec Canadian BMX Company History – Andrew MacLeod & System BMX (2003 to 2019)

Andrew at Thorsby skatepark in 2006. Photo Credit: Ryley Bosch.

Back in 2018 I was on a No Bikes trip visiting Matt Thomas’s compound in Alberta. As we were warming up on the garage mini ramp, one guy really caught my eye – mohawk haircut, splatter painted bike with a bunch of unique parts and most importantly a front brake. Oh, and he could ride the crap out of the mini. He clearly had his own style and I struck up a conversation. His name was Andrew MacLeod and it turned out he was also a machinist. Andrew had been making BMX parts in Edmonton for years. The paint job was done by a friend, but all the unique-looking parts on his bike were of his own design and make. Andrew has been dreaming up unconventional designs since middle school; just look at his notebook sketches. As part of our series on the history of Canadian BMX companies, Justin Schwanke and I sent Andrew some questions to learn about his brand, System. Without further ado, I present to you the guy that learned flairs in his mid-thirties, Andrew MacLeod!   -Kostya Chimkovitch

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22 Aug WolfMac BMX Jam

Nothing says rural Alberta like wheat fields and wooden ramps! Kyle Wachter and Sean McIntyre recently hosted a jam in central Alberta using the old Shake the Lake contest ramps. There are some impressive and creative moves in here. Don’t sleep on the Alberta scene. Appearances from Tyler Horness, Carson Donovan, Rojas Roy, Josh Vibe, Joe Weidman, Darcy Peters, Travis Kozie, Devin Szmata, Mark Stanway, Andrew MacLeod, Kyle Wachter, and Ted Bambrick. Edit by Andrew MacLeod.

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