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04 Jan World Deece Island Mix – Derek Morgan

World Deece Island Mix filmed and edited by Victoria’s Derek Morgan.

Video details:
Filmed between Victoria and Parksville B.C.
Tyler Mckinstry
Derek Morgan
Sean Gatensby (kid is 11)
Ky Brisebois
Logan Mane
Jordan Fair
August Nesbitt
Garrett Bell
Filmed on a shitty dslr and edited on fcp

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23 Feb Salt Spring Island Day Trip

“The boys were getting bored of being snaked at Vicwest, so we decided to embark on a mystical quest to the magical land of Saltspring, where we rode our bikes and did our thing.
-Ky Brisebois
-Derek Morgan
-Dan Irwin
-Jeff Jeglum
-Mike Carroll
-Jordan Fair
-Duke Thomson-Kurz

Song: Get Back -The Beatles

Filmed by: Derek Morgan, Jeff Jeglum , Ky Brisbois
Edited by: Derek Morgan”


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