03 Oct Deadline Canadian Premiere: Friday, Oct 4th


Those of you that have been living under a rock may not have realized that the fabled Deadline video is finally done and making its way out to market now. The official Canadian premiere is going down this Friday, October 4th at 8:00pm at Joyride 150 in Markham, ON. If you are anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area make it out to this premiere. We’ve had the opportunity to watch it already and you should prepare to have your brain explode out of your butt over how good it is. You can find more details on the Facebook event page here. See you there.

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18 Sep Deadline Trailer

There’s nothing Canadian about the Deadline video but it’s been in the works forever and will be the best BMX video since Criminal Mischief. I’ve been waiting for this for years and the wait is nearly over. In the meantime watch this trailer on repeat. God damn!

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