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24 Apr Dead Lee: Tattooing with Lee Dennis

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Tattoos and BMX are nothing new. Many riders are covered head to toe in them, and professional names like John ‘Luc-E’ Englebert, Mike ‘Big Island’ Castillo, and even Canada’s Greg Nicholson have turned their professional career from BMX to the craft of tattooing. I’ve been seeing Lee Dennis, who counts himself on the pro teams of Sunday Bikes and Primo Products, tattoo his friends and himself for a while now, and recently make the jump from garages and his living room to a professional studio. My interactions with Lee in the past had been slim, and I had simply known him as a soft spoken rider that let his riding do most of the talking. One Saturday I took the trip down to St. Catharine’s to meet up with him and speak openly about tattooing, being self taught, balancing it with his responsibilities as a pro rider, and more. Click below to read the interview as we get tattooed with Lee Dennis.

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