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20 Nov Dave Hawthorne Photo: Wayne Hartman

This was taken on a rooftop that’s better than some skateparks. But it’s a pain in the ass to get on. First you have to climb on the first building, then walk across the top wall for eight feet. On the day I shot this the cops came and we all tried to run. As any photographer or filmer can attest, I was the last one out. By the time I ran across the wall to the second building, everyone tossed their bikes and jumped. Jumping off buildings with camera equipment sucks. Anyway, Wayne Hartman spins the bars over one of the big hips, warming up, right before the cops showed up.
– Dave Hawthorne

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06 Jun The Wayne Hartman Interview

To be honest, when I first hit up Wayne about this interview I didn’t know much about him. I knew he killed it on a bike, and everyone who has ever met him had a lot of good things to say. After putting together this interview I completely agree with everything anyone has ever told me about him. From moving away from his small hometown (population 4366), his dirt roots, to reasons he loves being a Canadian and a number of other topics, this interview covers just about it all. Wayne is a true Canadian BMXer/shredder, so read on. Huge thanks goes out to David Hawthorne for shooting these awesome photos.

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10 Jan David Hawthorne Photo – Dave Osato

Mr. David Osato tailwhip tailtap on a boat launch. Dave took looking for spots to a whole new level. The bank is made of rocks, he rolled downhill to hit it, and if it went bad he’d be in the lake. Awesome. About five hours after this photo was taken Dave was dressed in his gorilla suit sneaking around a camp ground in the mountains scaring the shit of people. I’m still surprised no one thought he was a bear and shot him.
– David Hawthorne

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01 Dec Dave Hawthorne Photo: Jason Enns

Dave Hawthorne sent over this dope photo: “Jason Enns over feeble to hard 1, I shot this a few years ago when Jason was living in Winnipeg, right before he moved to California. The mind strays to friends in warmer climes when the winter starts to buckle down.” Thanks Dave!

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