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23 Feb Salt Spring Island Day Trip

“The boys were getting bored of being snaked at Vicwest, so we decided to embark on a mystical quest to the magical land of Saltspring, where we rode our bikes and did our thing.
-Ky Brisebois
-Derek Morgan
-Dan Irwin
-Jeff Jeglum
-Mike Carroll
-Jordan Fair
-Duke Thomson-Kurz

Song: Get Back -The Beatles

Filmed by: Derek Morgan, Jeff Jeglum , Ky Brisbois
Edited by: Derek Morgan”


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21 May Dan Irwin and Mike Carroll by Kerr Bilsland

This great mix of the island boys, I mean “Dads“, was filmed during a road trip through California. Kerr and his buds ended up at a BMX sanctuary in Fresno, CA and camped out. Hang out through the lifestyle segment and watch Mike and Dan shred along with a few homies.

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22 Feb Wet Coast x West Coast Vacation by Kerr Bilsland


At the beginning of January, Dan Irwin, Mike Carroll and myself decided to get out of the shit storm that is a Canadian winter and head for a ten day road trip through Cali. It’s always been a dream on mine to be able to go to there and it couldn’t of been any better. From sleeping in the ghetto, to staying in BMX sanctuary’s out in the mountains the trip had it all. I brought along four disposables with me but I lost one in Portland and the other had to be sent away. The photo’s below are from one Black and white disposable and a colo disposable from Sacramento to Santa Cruz. We got off to a great start for 2014 and now I just want to get back back out there.
– Kerr Bilsland

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13 Oct A Summer Better Than Any Other by Kerr Bilsland

This is dope, summertime fun from Vancouver island, captured by Kerr.

“Filmed over the summer of 2012 in Victoria, Vancouver and cortes island all in British Columbia, Canada. Riders in order of appearance: Mike Carroll, Thomas Arden, Riley Aaron, Zane Hudson, Jordan Fair, Clay Venne, Colin Fried, Jesse Turnbull, Dan Irwin, Tyler Zago, Spencer Wilson, Riota Niiyama and Jesse Hildebrandt.”

Filmed and edited by Kerr Bilsland.

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