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REPSET is proud to present the annual SUMMER SLAM, a BMX jam and contest at Komenda Skatepark in Winnipeg on August 23rd. Come out for a day of BMX, BBQ, and fun in the sun.



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In December 2011, 11 Canadians made the trip to Barcelona for no other reason than having fun riding bikes with friends. And that we did. Looking back on this trip makes you realize that through all the craziness of life, it will be trips like that this that you always remember and cherish as some of the best times ever.

There was never any intention of putting this full length DVD online, but if it can serve as motivation to anyone who has not yet grabbed a copy of the DVD to take a trip with buddies it will have been worth it.

When’s the next Embassy trip boys?

Featuring Greg Flag, Taylor Elvy, Dillon Lloyd, Jeff EVans, Cory Beal, Ryan Hiebert, Sean Cooke, Jeremy Deme, Albert Krolikowski, Luke Santucci, Prashant Gopal. Filmed by Sean Cooke, Jeremy Deme and Luke Santucci.

Repset Teaser

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New Repset teaser is dope as hell. Super well put together by Beal, including some funny Canadian quotes from that 70′s show and some really dope clips from Winnipeg locals including Matt Perrin, Carl Wood and Wayne Hartman. Wayne’s last few clips are ridiculous, god damn!

Embajada En Barcelona remix – Mix Crew

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Our 2nd to last Embajada En Barcelona remix edit featuring Luke Santucci, Sean Cooke, Prashant Gopal, Jeremy Deme, Albert Krolikowski, Cory Beal, and Ryan Hiebert. Stay tuned for our last remix edit of Greg Flag dropping soon.

Meth Mangler Mix

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“Filmed mainly in Edmonton, and Calgary with a couple BC clips thrown in. There was no real direction while filming for this, just clipping on any regular session with the homies. There are some old clips, and some new that I just thought fit in place. Thanks to John Alden, James Van De Kamp, Richard Gallant, Mike Orita, Jaumell Campbell, Trucker Dan, Colton Ponto, Darcy Peters, Andrew Schubert, Jake Montgomery, Eric Marshall, Cory Beal, Andrew White Jeremy Bischler, Ryan Spracklin, Sam Jepson, Nick Lemont, and Matthew Walser for the good times, and thanks to the Embassy for hosting the edit.”
- Isaac Barnes

It hasn’t been easy holding onto this edit all week. So pumped on this! Huge thanks to Isaac for hooking this up. There’s a bunch of rad Canadian riders in this edit mixed with good tunes, good filming, and good editing.

CB 2012

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Beal’s been taking it easy over the summer, too busy printing shirts but he hooked us up with some footy he’s been sitting on and it’s banging as you’d expect. Also peep the new Repset tee below, rep yo set.

Cory Beal and the Barcelona In & Out

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The Albion launched it’s issue 6 online today which includes this crazy picture of Cory Beal doing an insane maneuver on this rail in Barcelona. I remember seeing this picture in the printed issue a while back and thinking how ridiculous it was that Beal did this in and out twice. The first time on one of the first days of our Embajada En Barcelona trip, rolling his ankle super bad first or second try (see the trailer below). He ended up pulling it fourth or fifth try with a messed up ankle and it was the first spot of that day. A few weeks later he would do it again during his Barcelona layover with some English fellows for the above photo, while the rest of the Embajada/Hola crew we’re already back to Canadian winter.

Brayden Kowaluk by Repset

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Via Repset, young Brayden Kowaluk killing it in Winnipeg, MB

Beal in Barcelona

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Beal has a cool little write up on his time in Barcelona/ filming for the Embassy DVD on repset here. Check it out and keep your eyes pealed for the Embassy Barcelona DVD/trailer/Zine/info, coming real soon.

Cory Beal Video

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Cory Beal filmed and edited by Luke Santucci. Additional filming by Taylor Elvy.

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