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11 Dec ANTLIFE x FL V2

Ants in FL V2. Antlife never disappoints.

Jordan Hickey, Ryan Antle, Corey Antle and Robert Osmond flew out from Newf to visit so we spent a week stacking in the Tampa/Miami areas.

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11 Mar Stranded Mixtape


This is dope. The Stranded crew from Newfoundland just dropped this sick little mixtape they filmed through the summer. Some awesome vibes and spots in this. Riders include Ryan Antle, Jordan Hickey, Corey Antle, Jamie Flynn, Stephen Jackson, Robert Osmond, Ryan Hodder, Will Taylor, Jacob Manning and Tristan Fowler. You probably remember Jordan and Ryan from the recent, and ridiculous Ant Life Project video from their California Trip, so you know this is gonna be good.

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24 Jun Antle Brothers

Newfoundland’s Ryan and Corey Antle coming in hot with this split brother edit. Clips from various Newf spots and skateparks. Last line was extra spicy.

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21 Feb The Stranded Video: Corey Antle

Ryan Antle sent over the latest section from his Newfoundland video, Stranded, that he’s been uploading, and it’s of his 16 year old brother Corey. Usually when people use the age of the rider as a descriptor for a video I have a bit of apprehension about it, but I was really impressed with this. His manual pad game is on point, and there’s lots of technical ledge lines. This is Corey’s first full video part he’s filmed, and it’s definitely a sign of good things.

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